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Since writing is one of my hobbies, I would like to put this story up here. Please don't steal it or anything. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Chapter 1

Kora grew up with her book of Fairy Tales. 596 pages full of beautiful well drawn pages and wonderfully written stories. It had all the normal stories in it: The Elves and the Shoemaker, Cinderella, The Goose Girl, Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, and Rapunzel where a few of them. But it also had story’s her parents and grandparents hadn’t even heard of.
Another strange thing about her book of Fairy Tales was that the day after she was born, the book came in the mail with no return address. Mr. Haven went to the hospital after work (he was a McDonalds employee), and then went to their single-wide trailer to get some things for Mrs. Haven, and to feed the cat, Mervin. He walked up to the door step and a package was at the door mat. He picked it up and it was addressed to:
Miss Kora Haven
#27 Cranberry Lane Trailer Park
Dickerson, Virginia
So he went into the trailer and opened it. Once he saw that it was just a harmless book, he called his parents and his wife’s parents. He asked if they had sent it. They all denied it. Then he called his brother and sister, and Mrs. Haven’s sisters, and they all denied it also. He was suspicious, but after he had fed the cat, he went to the hospital, and brought the book with him.
He showed his wife but all she could say was “Wow. Dear, look at these paintings! Oh, and these drawings. My they only look like mere sketches in a sketch book!”
Now the Havens were very suspicious people. Black cats creeped them out. They wouldn’t open n umbrella in the house. And if just the slightest thing scared them or worried them (unless of course it was a child), they got rid of it, or hid it.
So Kora grew up with her stories. Each one however had a fairy in it, that’s one of the things Mr. and Mrs. Haven found odd about it. They never remember Beauty and the Beast having a pink fairy with yellow Tulip dress in it. And the story recalled that the fairy was the one that warned Beauty that the Beast was dying. They thought a mirror told her, at least that’s what the Walt Disney cartoon had in it. But, even as weird as it was, they never stopped reading the book to little Kora, whenever she asked them to.
Kora’s first word out of her mouth was “Felicia.” Her parents found that was odd too. Usually a baby’s first word is: “Mama” or “Dada” or even “Poo Poo,” But definitely not “Felicia.”
Who was Felicia? They wondered. It was not any of their family. Not anybody they knew.
One day when Kora was five, she asked her mom if she could read a story to her out of her book of Fairy Tales. Mrs. Haven quickly finished putting the microwavable dinners in the microwave, and sat down with Kora. Kora could read by the age of five, but she enjoyed her mother reading to her out of Fairy Tales, better then she liked reading them all by herself.
“The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Once in a faraway kingdom, their lived a king, and his twelve, beautiful daughters…” Mrs. Haven began. Once she was done, Kora asked a question.
“Mommy, why does the story say there were twelve princesses, but actually, there are thirteen?”
“What are you talking about Kora? There are only twelve princesses.” Her mother told her. Kora shook her head and flipped back a few pages where it showed the princesses walking through the wood, not knowing that the poor boy was following them underneath an invisibility cloak. Kora pointed her chubby finger at the trunk of one of the trees.
“See mommy, that ones hiding. Who is she hiding from?” The little girl asked.
Mrs. Haven was speechless. After she looked closer, she saw there was a shadow of someone behind the tree. She looked closer and she could barely make it out. But she saw a girl with a pale yellow dress, just like the other princesses, but it seemed as though she were hiding.
“Why mommy is she hiding?” Kora asked tugging on her mom’s sleeve.
“I don’t know sweetie. Let’s put this away dear, and you can help me with dinner.” While Mrs. Haven and Kora put plates around the table she thought, how did Kora notice that? I’ve been reading that book to her since she was four days old. Oh well, it’s just another princess, right? But, why did the illustrator add it in the book?
She set her thoughts aside until Mr. Haven came home from work. Once he did, they had dinner, read Kora a couple stories out of her book, and then put her in bed. Once she was asleep, Mrs. Haven took the book out of her room and showed Mr. Haven the extra princess.
“I don’t see why this is bothering you sweetie. It’s just an extra princess.” He said
“Well, why did the illustrator add it? And why are there so many stories in here, most we haven’t even heard of? And where did we get this book?”
“Listen, to answer your first question, I don’t know. But maybe we could look him up. He probably just wanted to paint an extra princess, maybe so the kids could wonder. Your second question, again I don’t know. They’re probably stories from around the world. And your last question, I don’t know. But, I’m guessing, one of our parents probably sent it, as a surprise gift.” Mr. Haven said.
Mrs. Haven closed her eyes and sighed. “Can we go look the illustrator up? Please?”
Mr. Haven sighed and nodded and they went over to their little computer that they hardly ever used. They looked in the back of the book, but there was nobody in the back. They looked in the front, but there was no one in the front either. Mrs. Haven tiptoed into Kora’s room and grabbed the book jacket. There was nobody on that either. They looked at the copyright only to realize there was no copyright. There was however, where the book was printed on the first page. They looked on the spine on the book, and no publishing company either.
When Kora woke up the next morning she noticed her book of Fairy Tales was gone. She got out of bed and looked everywhere in her room. It wasn’t there. She went out of her room and looked in the living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, and even her parent’s room. It wasn’t anywhere. She came to her parents who where having coffee in the kitchen.
“Mommy! Daddy! I can’t find my book of Fairy Tales! Have you seen it?”
“No, honey I haven’t. Sorry, it must be lost.” Her mom said giving Mr. Haven a look that said “Don’t say anything”
“Daddy, Have you?”
Mr. Haven sighed. “No dear I haven’t.” He hated lying to his little girl. Kora stuck her bottom lip out, but didn’t cry. She had been taught not to cry to get what she wanted. And she knew five year olds didn’t cry. They were too big for that.
So for six whole months, Kora looked and searched for that book. She looked in every nick and corner in her room. She searched for it in every room in the whole house. She even went into her parent’s secret cupboard in their room, where they hid birthday and Christmas presents. It was not there either.
Six months past, she was six now, and was still looking for the book. One day her mom came to her.
“Sweetheart,” She said, “I think the book is gone. I’m sorry, it probably got lost along with the garbage or something like that. But I have some good news; you’ll be starting Kindergarten in five days!”
Kora sighed and slumped over. “That sounds fun.” She knew her mom was trying to make her feel better. It actually did sound a little fun, she always loved to learn. But she wanted her book more then ever. Ever since Mr. Haven and Mrs. Haven found out they couldn’t have any more children, the book of Fairy Tales was her only playmate. It was something she could read and instantly feel better. But she didn’t give up her search until the first day of school.
Her mom woke her up at 8 ‘o’ clock, and got her dressed in her best dress, A red and yellow plaid jumper. She put a yellow t-shirt over it and yellow socks with black Mary Jane’s.
“Mommy, do I have to get dressed up like this everyday for school?” Kora asked as her mom brushed her hair straight.
“Well, that depends. Do you like dressing up like this?”
“No. I want to wear my jeans mommy.”
“Well for your very first day of school, you’ll wear this. Tomorrow, you can wear what you want to.”
Kora nodded. She ate breakfast then her mom drove her to school. It was a normal sized elementary school. Her mom took her to her class, then left. She was late for the new job she decided to take once Kora was in school. So Kora was standing in a corner of the big Kindergarten room. A girl with red braids and freckles came over to her.
“Hi! I’m Lindsey. Who are you?”
“Kora, I like your braids.” She reached out and touched one.
“Thanks, my mommy did them. I like your dress. It kind of looks like a princess dress.”
“Really? I guess it does.”
“Yeah, say how many brothers do you have?”
“None, I’m an only child.”
“That’s too bad. I have five brothers and one teeny tiny baby sister. She throws up on mommy sometimes.”
Kora wrinkled her nose. “Ew, I’m glad I don’t do that.” She said even though she did do it plenty of times when she was a baby.
But before Lindsey or Kora could say anything else, their teacher Ms. Manley told them to find a seat. She gave them their assignments for that morning and told them to get to work. She wasn’t a very good or nice teacher.
After school, Kora waited outside with Lindsey for her mom to pick her up. Lindsey’s mom came, and so Kora was there all alone waiting for her mom with Ms. Manley.
“You could go ahead and start on your homework, then that way you don’t have to do it when you get home.” The teacher suggested.
Kora sighed and took her folder out of her purple and red backpack. She started on a math assignment, but she couldn’t concentrate. Where is mommy? She wondered. She finished the math; then started on her name that she had to write five times on a piece of paper.
Finally, Mrs. Haven came. “Mommy where were you? Your late I think.”
“I’m sorry sweetie, but I got held up in traffic.” She explained. She took Kora’s hand, and led her and her backpack to the car.
Once Kora got home, she showed Mr. Haven her homework and he wished her luck on it. She went into her room and halfway through her homework she realized that she hadn’t looked for her book all day. She stood up and looked through her room. She almost went out her room to look for it, when it hit her. The book was gone. Totally and completely gone, there was no reason to look for it, because she’d never find it. She sat on her bed and cried for a few minutes. Then she got up and thought, I’m six now. Six year olds don’t cry to get what they want anymore. Especially not six year olds who go to school. She dried her tears, and finished her homework.
She did not look for or even think about it until one day when she was thirteen, and accidentally found it.

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((Ahh! Tab doesn't work on GR, sorry if its hard to read!))

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Annie (its okay!)

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(Rainfeather, is that you?)

Thanks! I'm finished w/ the second chapter already.

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Annie (yes it is her)

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Elizabeth (elizabethnovak) Can I post a link to my story here?

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good job emma i cant to read the rest!!!!!

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Chapter 2

“Kora, you need to get up and get ready for school!” Mrs. Haven yelled.
Kora sat up and yawned. Ughh, she thought. Don’t want to get up. But she did and went over to her dresser. She took a gray school shirt and camouflage shorts out and put them on. She went into the kitchen and poured herself some Honey Bunches of Oats into a cereal bowl. She sat down and ate.
“Make sure you brush your hair today!” Her mom told her. Kora muttered a ‘yes ma’am’ and went back to her cereal.
After she threw her hair into a ponytail and brushed her teeth, she grabbed her backpack and homework assignment from last night, and set them by the door.
“Honey, will you put these clothes on my bed?” Mrs. Haven asked her. She had been folding clothes that morning. Kora grabbed them and walked over to her mom’s room. She walked over to the bed when she tripped and fell on the floor.
She got up and saw the clothes thrown everywhere. She groaned and quickly folded them back up, then inspected her knee. It was carpet burned and bleeding a bit. She then walked over to what had made her trip. It was a loose floorboard. “Oh no” she muttered. She knew she was going to be in trouble. Kora hated being in trouble, and always tried to avoid it. She picked it up and noticed there were more floorboards connected to it. When she saw what was under the floorboards, she gasped.
There was an envelope that said: EMERGENCY MONEY on it. She looked inside it and saw a hundred dollars in it. Then she saw another envelope that had a hundred dollar savings bound addressed to her, and then noticed a little loop at the bottom on the floor where all the stuff was. She opened it and saw a book. Not just a book, a very thick book
Kora lifted it up and inspected the cover. It simply said Fairy Tales on it. It had a faded picture of a fairy in deep green dress, she was barefoot and her feet where splashing in a little pool with green water in it. She had long dark brown hair that covered some of her face, and she was smiling toward the pool. Kora thought that fairy was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She looked at the table of contents, and saw: The Hope for a Better Fairy Land, Wishing On a Well, and Pinocchio and The Beanstalk; were just a few of the really weird ones she saw.
Kora heard her mom yelling to her that the bus was here. Kora ran to the front door and shoved the book in her backpack without her mom noticing. She shoved her feet into her shoes and ran outside with the rest of the kids on the bus stop.
She got on and found her regular seat next to Lindsey near the back of the bus. And in front of them was their other friend, Logan. She sat and Logan span around to face them once the bus started. He pushed his golden blond hair away from his face, making it all stick up in the front.
“Why don’t you gel your hair like every other thirteen year old in the U.S.A.?” Lindsey asked Logan in disgust.
“And why would I want to do that little Miss Smarty-Pants?”
Lindsey rolled her eyes, “Because, you look ridiculous! And everybody else does.”
“What if I don’t want to be like everybody else?” He asked raising his eyebrows.
Lindsey huffed, “No wonder we’re your only friends.”
Kora smiled, she loved their little “spats” they had. It was like being friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books. They weren’t boyfriend or girlfriend, although they did go to a few dances together. But Kora imagined them being together someday.
The school bus stopped and the kids in front got off. Kora, Lindsey, and Logan grabbed their backpacks and Lindsey grabbed her purse. They into the school and unlocked their lockers.
“Kora, will you come into the bathroom with me so I can fix my hair? The mirror in my locker sideways and I don’t have the time to fix it.” Lindsey asked.
Kora sighed but said yes, and quickly put her Pre-Algebra and Chemistry book in her locker and locked it. She then followed Lindsey into the bathroom. Once in there Lindsey looked under the stalls to make sure no one was there.
“What are you doing for summer, or where are you going?” She asked as she brushed out her hair widening her eyes.
Kora rolled her eyes at how dramatic Lindsey was being. “Um, I’m not sure. My parents will send me to a camp where I’ll just make beaded necklaces and eat marshmallows around a campfire with people I’ll never see again. You know just a typical camp.
“You should persuade them to let you go to the Theater camp I’m going to.”
“Lindsey, I’m sorry but I’m not good in Drama. Drama is your thing, not mine.”
“Yeah I guess so. Hey, do you think I should dye my hair dark brown?” Lindsey asked braiding one small section of her hair.
Kora froze. “Oh no Lindsey, Don’t tell me you’re turning into a Lindsey Lohan.”
“You would definitely do well in Theater Kora, you’re very dramatic. And what is the problem with dark hair? Yours is dark.”
“Its dark auburn. And you already put some blonde in the red. There aren’t many red heads who keep their red hair natural. Please don’t dye it Lindsey.” Kora begged.
“I’ll think about it.” Lindsey said finishing her hair and put a dab more lip gloss on. The first bell rang and Kora urged her to hurry.
Finally Lindsey was done and they ran to their classes.
“And look at what I have here ladies and gentlemen, your finale History grade. I’ll just call your name up and you come and take it. Then take it to your parents so they can sign it, then it’s yours.” Their History teacher, Miss Perkins told them. She called “Kora Haven” up and she took her grade to her seat.
She took a deep breath and saw: A+. Yes, she thought. That’s one less grade I have to worry about.
After class she compared grades with Lindsey and Logan. She got a B+ and he got a B-.
“You guys are lucky; your parents don’t care that much about grades. Just as long as you’re not going to be held back, you’re okay. Did you guys know that I got grounded in second grade because I got an A- in English?” Kora asked them.
“Yes Kora, you’ve told us that maybe, oh I’d say about 34 times.” Logan answered.
Kora rolled her eyes, “Sorry Logan. Well are you guys ready to go to lunch?” One of the best things about this school year was that Kora, Lindsey, and Logan had most of their classes together. They chorused a “yes” and they all went into the lunch room together.
After lunch, the rest of the day drug on for Kora. The big book she found in her parents room was pretty much calling out to her saying: “Read me, come read me, READ ME!” But she withheld the temptation and kept it in her backpack all day.
Finally when school was over and Kora jumped of the bus once it pulled next to her house. She ran into the house being greeted by her mother.
“How was school sweetie?” She asked smiling down at Kora, “I baked some chocolate chip cookies, they’re on the table.”
“Thanks mom. Um, I got an A plus in History today.”
“Oh sweetheart, that’s wonderful. What about you’re other grades? What did you get?”
“Um, I haven’t gotten anything except my History grade yet mom. I think I’m going to go to my room now.” Kora said. She was seconds away from literally crawling on the floor to her room. She had to know what was in that book!
“Oh honey, before you go, Dad and I signed you up for a camp in Cross Keys, Pennsylvania. Your great aunt Sylvia lives there, so you won’t be alone okay? I hope that was okay.”
“Um, sure mom, I better go now. I’ll come down for dinner.” Kora said running toward her room.
Once she was in, she opened her backpack and took the Fairy Tales book out of it. She sat on her bed and opened it to the first page. On the first page it said that it was printed in Cross Keys, Pennsylvania.
Huh she thought, that’s where my parents want to send me to camp this year. She continued reading.
At six ‘o’ clock Mrs. Haven called Kora down for dinner. She looked in the table of contents and saw that she had only eleven stories left. Her eyes hurt from reading for three hours straight. She was also glad at herself, she usually hated reading. Kora came down for dinner and sat at the circler table. Her dad was already sitting and her mom brought the Spinach casserole to the table.
“Looks uh, good Helen,” He told Mrs. Haven, although, Mr. Haven hated Spinach casserole.
“Well, if you both eat all of your food, there are some leftover chocolate chip cookies on the counter.” Mrs. Haven told Mr. Haven and Kora. They both nodded.
After Mr. Haven said grace they all started eating.
“Uh, I have a question mom and dad.” Kora said.
“What is it?”
“Have you ever heard of a story called, “The Queen of Heart’s Story? It’s about the Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland.”
Mr. Haven and Mrs. Haven stopped eating and exchanged a glance at each other. They had heard of a story like that, but they heard it a long time ago when Kora was a baby.
“Have you been in our room Kora?” Mrs. Haven asked her.
“E-except to put those clothes away this morning, n-no I haven’t” Kora stuttered out. How dumb of me! She thought, mom and dad are going to find out that that book is missing! Why didn’t I think about that? I’ll put it back after dinner, hopefully. I want to finish it though. I’ll just read fast.
“Well, where did you hear such a story?” Mrs. Haven asked.
Kora thought fast, “Um, I just remember.” It came out sounding more like a question.
Her parents exchanged another glance. “Honey, I’m going to tell you the truth-
But then he was cut off, “No you won’t Charles! I was actually planning to try to get rid of it again. She can’t have it, it’s just too weird.” Mrs. Haven hissed at him.
“I think that she deserves it Helen! She hasn’t even thought about that book since she was six!”
“Let me have what? What are you talking about?” Kora asked staring at them with wide eyes; her parents haven’t fought for as long as she could remember.
Well, of course they fought. Behind closed doors, no parent is perfect.
Mrs. Haven glared at Mr. Haven, “Go ahead and tell her Charles.”
Mr. Haven took a deep breath, “Kora, when you were little, you had a book of Fairy Tales…”
Whenever Kora thought of her childhood, there was a big part missing, she knew that. Now As Mr. Haven told her everything, she remembered everything that happened when she was younger. Kora had an amazing memory, which came in handy a lot of times. She remembered when she was four and five, even though most kids can’t.
Once he was done he said, “Here I’ll go get the book Kora. You two stay here. I’ll be right back.”
“N-n-n-no dad that’s fine, you can get it for me uh, tomorrow. Yeah tomorrow, wow I‘m tired. Thank you mom for dinner and thank you dad for telling me uh, the story I guess. Good night, love you both!” Kora quickly said then raced to her room.
She fell onto her bed and sighed. I better get reading. I need to finish that book and get it back to mom’s and dad’s room. She sat up and opened the book.
Wait, she thought, I just have to put the book back, and then ask for it. That way, they won’t know that I took it. Perfect idea Kora. She told herself.
She got up and hid the book under a sheet. She went into the living room to see if there were any more clothes left to fold. There were. She got started on them, once she had a pretty good sized pile of her parents’ clothes; she went over to her parents’ room. But when she got to her room, she opened the door and stuffed the book of Fairy Tales into a shirt. She walked into her parents’ room.
“Oh hi Kora, oh thank you so much sweetie. That was so nice of you. Thank you.” Her mom said she was sitting on the bed and looking through an old check book.
“Oh your welcome mom, Um, dads looking for you, he’s on the couch.” Kora lied. She hated lying, but she needed her mom to leave the room just long enough for her to put the book back.
Mrs. Haven left, and Kora quickly, making as less noise as possible (which actually was really hard, the floorboard was heavy), put the book back. Then she put the clothes away and went back to her room.

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((Sorry, I ran out of room))

She heard her mom come back into her room whispering to herself. Kora came out of her room and went over to her dad
“Um dad actually can I have that Fairy Tales book, now?” She asked, “I uh, think I’d like to read it now.”
“Sure honey, go ask your mom to get it for you.” He said not even looking up from the paper.
Kora went into her parent’s room again and asked for the book. Her mom got off the bed and told her to wait outside her room while she got it. Her mom gave her the book then shut and locked her door, scared of the book.
She went into her room and finished the rest of her book. She looked at where the book was published again, and looked it up on her cheap laptop that she got for her birthday. Most of the time it shut down automatically, and didn’t work; she prayed and crossed her fingers.
It worked this time.
She typed in Cross Keys, Pennsylvania in Google. Only two things came up. One was a map to show how to get there, and one was a small synopsis of the town. She clicked on the synopsis and began to read.

Wow, she thought, Small town, not that much info. Why the heck would my parents want to send me to such a small town? I bet that no one would even go there, I’ll be the only one there.

“Are you excited, for summer?” Lindsey asked Kora and Logan.
It was the last day of school, and the three were cleaning out their lockers.
“Heck yeah, my parents enrolled me to a skateboarding camp.” Logan said straightening his backpack over his shoulder. It was getting heavier with all of his junk that was now in it.
“You don’t even know how to skateboard Logan.” Lindsey stated. When he didn’t answer she said, “What about you Kora? What are you doing this summer?”
“Oh, um, my parents enrolled me into a camp in Pennsylvania.”
“Is it a special kind of camp?” Lindsey asked looking at herself in her mirror that hung in her locker all year for the last time.
“Nope, same old same old.”
“Wow, well we’ll keep in contact Kora, won’t we Logan?”
“Hm? Oh yeah, uh, sure.” He said sarcastically.
Lindsey rolled her eyes, “Well I will Kora.”
Kora smiled then turned back to her locker. I would rather go to Theater camp with Lindsey then go to Pennsylvania. She thought. I don’t even know my Great Aunt Sylvia.
“You guys come on! The big end of the year celebration in Miss Perkins room! Hurry up, or I’m going without you.” Logan said taking tiny steps away from them. In their Middle School at the end of the year, Mrs. Perkins always threw a big End of The Year Celebration. This would be Kora, Lindsey, and Logan’s first one to attend.
The girls finished cleaning their lockers and followed Logan into Mrs. Perkins room. There were balloons, streamers hanging from the wall, and people blowing party favors everywhere.
“Alright, I think everyone’s here, so everyone make yourself at home,” Mrs. Perkins said gesturing at the couches in her classroom. “I’ll be playing some music for you guys to dance to. Have fun everyone, but please, no kissing in my classroom.” A few people groaned and a few laughed. The music started and a few got up to dance.
Kora watched as Lindsey and Logan got up to dance. Lindsey was a really good dancer and Logan was terrible. Kora smiled in a corner as she watched.
“Come soon Kora!”
“What?” Kora said aloud. Who was talking to her she wondered.
“Hurry Kora, time’s running out! Please hurry!”
“Who is talking to me?” She said really loud. A lot of people turned toward her and gave her a funny glance. “I uh, sorry I thought someone said something to me.” She tried to laugh it off, but everyone was already back where they were.
The party was over at 5:00, and everyone went home. Lindsey’s mom was waiting in the car pool area to take them all home. She dropped Logan off then Kora.
“Good-bye Lindsey! I’ll miss you a bunch, Write often.” She reminded her while hugging her best friend good-bye.
“I’ll will, and you better also! You have fun and take care this summer!” Lindsey answered hugging back.
Kora waved as they sped out of her driveway. Once they were out of sight, she went into the house.
“Where were you Young Lady?” Mrs. Haven asked, her hair was everywhere and she had a wet dish towel over her shoulder.
“I told you mom, I went to an end of school party. Remember mom?’
“No I most certainly do not remember that! And for that you may not see your friends for the rest of summer!” Her mom screeched.
Kora almost snorted. Her friends would be at camp all summer and so would she. “Yes ma’am.” She muttered, and then went into her room. Her mom had a really bad memory and as she got older she had more trouble with remembering. They were too poor to go to the doctor for a checkup, so they just learned to live with it.
Tomorrow I go to camp; I wish that I could just stay home. Kora thought as she lay on her bed.
But Kora knew she had to go. Ever since her mom got fired from her only job she’s had since Kora was in Kindergarten last year, her dad’s job didn’t pay anything. If she was gone during the summer, it would be less money for her parents to worry about. She always was sent to free camps, or go to one where there are relatives near it, who’d pay for it.
Before Kora knew it she was asleep.

“Kora! Get up; you’ve got to pack for camp! You’re great aunt Sylvia will be here in ten minutes! Hurry!” Was what Kora woke up to, her mom was standing in her doorway, and pointing at her.
“Yes ma’am.” Kora muttered. She got up and went over to her small dresser. She pulled out what she needed and went into the shower.
She was done in two and a halve minutes; she went into her room and pulled out her big bag, and stuffed it with almost all of her clothes. She heard her great aunt come in and demanded to know where Kora was at.
“Where is the girl? I have a tight schedule, and you’re lucky I decided to pay for it myself.” She sniffed.
Kora quietly tip-toed through the small hallway and peeked at her great Aunt; she was old.
Very old. With platinum blond hair, and a deep purple turtleneck, She had designer jeans and real gold jewelry everywhere. Neck, wrist, earring, ring, she even had an anklet.
Wow Kora thought, she must be very rich. I’ve only seen someone where that much money and that’s Lindsey.
“Kora!” Her mom yelled out to her, “Your Great Aunt Sylvia’s here and she is waiting!”
She walked into the living room with her bag and tennis shoes. “This is her?” Great Aunt Sylvia asked. Mrs. Haven nodded, “Alright then, get in the car girl.” She said a gestured out the door. Kora said good-bye and kissed her parents, then climbed into the backseat of the car.
Her great aunt Sylvia went in next and started her car, they where out of the driveway before Kora could look back.

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Annie whoa your good!

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Thanks! I'm working on the third chapter now. I have sooooo many other stories too. So if you guys want to read them, I'd be more then happy to post them here.

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Annie I've writen sooooooooooo many that i can't finish them all! sure you can if you want to!

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my story's up on goodreads now. Could you guys please maybe rate it? And comment? Thank you.

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Annie sure!!!!!!!!!!!

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