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message 1: by Da fallen angel, the next to last gentlemen alive. (new)

Da fallen angel   (gamenator) | 101 comments Mod
we place our characters here.
Name:(has to be your actual name):
Motto you live by:
Bio:(do not worry make this up)
here is my character.
Name: Paul Edward Nathaniel Hill
Age: 18
Motto you live by:"when the time comes, one must fall"
Gender: male
Characteristics: About 6"2' 268 pounds brown hair murky ice blue eyes.
Bio: Traveling the world since 13, Paul has become a world renowned hunter. big game little game humans from the law you name it he hunted it. favors a Remington rifle with a scope that can see up to 900 feet. carries two Colt 45. navy pistols.

message 2: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) Name: Ross Bauer
Motto you live by; 'Emotion is the root of all good and all evil'
Gender: Male
Characteristics:6 ft 1 heavyset, dark brown hair, hazel eyes
Bio: Having studied myths and legends from the age of 12 , Ross, at 26, is one of the foremost authorities on ancient and fogotten tomes that have shaped the world. Has travelled extensively to conduct research, and has published papers on Greek and Norse mythology. Recently lost during an expedition to northern Norway. Presumed dead.

message 3: by Dragonrider (last edited May 17, 2010 06:09PM) (new)

Dragonrider | 349 comments Name:Daniel Barr
Age: 17
Motto you live by: "Be prepared"
Gender: Male
Characteristics: Medium build, kind of thin. Thinks he is funny.
Bio:A explorer who dislikes whip, but loves snakes. His life is to search for the holy grail. Whereabots: unknown

message 4: by BD (last edited Aug 05, 2012 03:36AM) (new)

BD (bd-zainabhosain) | 121 comments Mod
Name: Black Diamond....
Motto you live by; 'Family and Friends come only after Religion'
Gender: Female
Characteristics:Average hight and size.. not dark or light complexion, hair... not telling u that...
Bio: (y r all u guys explorers?? i wanna be one too!!)
She is aa author who whrites an imaginative comparison to all the trips she's been on... constantly trying to find more information on WHY. she is constantly affected by the death of her mother... which occured at 123

message 5: by Da fallen angel, the next to last gentlemen alive. (new)

Da fallen angel   (gamenator) | 101 comments Mod
dude. y'all keep this up and we will have it made.

message 6: by AAAlien (new)

AAAlien | 152 comments Name: Ally (it's not my name, sorry sorry, but i'm not telling)
Age: 18
Motto you live by: "To infinity, and beyond!"
Gender: F
Characteristics: brown hair, tall enough, a little pale...
Bio: A journalist who always keeps up with the latest explorations and discoveries around the world. Will not let go of her camera (photos, not films) for anything. Always carries around a small notebook and a pen. (well that's not much of a bio xD)

message 7: by AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness, the next to the last gentalmen'z wife (last edited Nov 03, 2011 05:19AM) (new)

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) | 94 comments Mod
Alexis Marie Longden
help more 2 others then myself dont care if sleep or not
lover to me traviling wandering paul thats a hunter im always at his side i has many weapons hidden all over me with the way i look dont ask how i is not totaly humon but very specail and magical and im 5"4' 126 pounds i feel in love with him at 16 has a secret that he yet cant find out ands gose away for a short time

message 8: by Kiran (new)

Kiran | 30 comments kiran
motto:live as you please and let other live as they please.
characteristic:5ft3in eyes the color of golden brown and pale skin.
bio:book lover to the extremes i can't do anything less that has been the problem with me from the imagination is very strong and i always think it as a fault in me because it can horrible too sometimes.i want to discover the total amount of star in this universe.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Elizabeth Danielle white
Better to have loved and lost,then never have loved at all.
5'0,200 pounds,black hair,hazel eyes,pale skin
A book lover.Reads most of the time,all kinds of books.loves to explore and find out new things.loves guns and knives.
last seen unknown

message 10: by Da fallen angel, the next to last gentlemen alive. (new)

Da fallen angel   (gamenator) | 101 comments Mod
good elizebeth.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

thank u

message 12: by Raven (new)

Raven Juria (raven_m_juria) | 24 comments Ross it says you're 26 here...

message 13: by Ross (last edited Mar 29, 2012 01:18AM) (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) It's an rp, of sorts I could be any age.

And technically that was 2010 so I was 26 then.

message 14: by Raven (new)

Raven Juria (raven_m_juria) | 24 comments Indeed. It was not because that was how old you were at the time.

message 15: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) Yeah like I said ^ but seeing as it's a character I could conceivably make him any age.

message 16: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 112 comments Guise, I deleted my comment cause when I googled my name this came up and well, I didn't like that =/ lol
so wait how old is Ross now? =/
holy crap this was almost 2 years ago

message 17: by Dragonrider (new)

Dragonrider | 349 comments You can set your stuff to private, can't you?

message 18: by Zainab (new)

Zainab | 112 comments I thought I had, but I'm guessin cause Zeta isn't private it came up..

message 19: by Dragonrider (new)

Dragonrider | 349 comments That probably true.

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