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Foxglove walked over to the nursery and poked his head in. He saw Lionbreeze awake. He dropped a Salmon at her paws "I caught this for you" He purred. He saw his kits sleeping "There amazing just like you" He purred rubbing his muzzle against hers

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Lionbreeze purred softly. "Thanks. Though I'd have to say they got their good looks from you." she smiled, and licked his cheek affectionately.

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He rolled his eyes smiling "I love you" He purred licking her muzzle

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"I love you too." Lionbreeze said, and swished her tail in pleasure.

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He looked down at there kits "They'll be apprentices in no time"

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"I know. They already seem so big." Lionbreeze said, and licked the kit's heads.

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"And how old are they?" He asked

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 10 comments Minkpaw trudged around the territory, looking for prey.

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SpazzyJazzy Hawkflight sat by the river with Ravenheart and Falconpaw, waiting for a fish to swiim past.

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"Their only about two to three moons." Loinbreeze explained, and smiled as Flickerkit woke-up.

Flickerkit looked up at Foxglove.

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