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Phoenix (phoenixapb) | 8 comments If you have any questions or need advise ask here. For example:

Q. Does anyone have advice on how to calm an autistic child having a meltdown?

A. Do something rythmic, if touch is not welcome, pat your thighs or hum a simple rhythmic tune. I've found a few children who like the sound of a small bongo drum lightly played.
If touch is welcome gently pat or stroke the child in a rhythmic manner. My son was okay with touch, but when that didn't work I would sing the first line of Amazing Grace over and over until he calmed down.

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Phoenix (phoenixapb) | 8 comments Note to the moderator, if I'm overstepping my bounds I do apologize. I'd just really like to see this forum active.

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Wilson | 7 comments Extinction has worked for me, but it's not for everyone.
(Ignoring the behavior totally and rewarding when the child is doing what he/she is supposed to).

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