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message 1: by Camille, The Food Goddess (new)

Camille (Ashera) | 104 comments Mod
For those who like to drink... what's your favorite wine? What's your favorite beer?

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) i dont do beer and if have wine with family but they help me get somthing thats fruty

message 3: by Lacey (new)

Lacey I don't like beer! It tastes disgusting as for wine...merlot is good!

message 4: by Daylighter (new)

Daylighter (pantea13) yeah i don't like the taste of beer either :S
and i don't really drink so........

message 5: by CJ (new)

CJ unless some of the people on here are 21 or older, you shouldn't be having this discussion. But I have had two sips of alcohol in my life. Once when i was six weeks old, i wouldn't shut up, so my parents gave my wine, but it didn't work. Second time was when I was like, seven or something, and when I decided that alcohol is NASTY!

message 6: by Daylighter (new)

Daylighter (pantea13) actually in Canada the age is 19 and in Quebec it's 18 :)

message 7: by Camille, The Food Goddess (new)

Camille (Ashera) | 104 comments Mod
And yes, I'm from Quebec, so I'm in legal age for drinking.

message 8: by Maria (new)

Maria I like red wine,white wine, I don't like drink beer but I drink australian beer Victoria Bitter - VB, Tooheys and irish beer Guinness. Australian and New Zealand wines is good and also Slovakia have good wines, but I don't drink too much. Sometimes I drink red wine because is good for your health.

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