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Toothless (heaven)'s story

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Dragon firewings(Heaven) (slenderfur) Shapeshifting Dragons


Swords clanged, shouts filled the air. Teenage Sparks watched the battle from the top of a hill, angry that she couldn’t stop it. Even though she knew she wasn’t supposed to be up here, she couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on. Though she had tried many times to make her father change his mind, it turned out to be as hopeless as bringing the dead back to life. She remembered a conversation she’d overheard the day before between her father and his comrades about attacking the Wobniairs for killing Sparks’ mother Jelliar. “We have to make the Wobniairs pay for what they did to Jelliar. They should have to experience the same amount of pain as I did when they killed her.”
“You are right; they only killed her because of rage and revenge for the land we won in the Battle of the Lands,” She heard Tony her father’s right-hand man say. After that Sparks couldn’t make out anymore, except a few words that didn’t make much sense to her.
Sparks had heard stories from long ago as a child about how the Wobniairs were huge, super strong, and very mean men. Most of them were about seven feet tall, and had dark brown hair. They were feared by many and most dreaded having to face them.
Sparks’ father was the leader of a well-known fighter’s group called Karpas. They were strong men; with thick arms, huge abs and big leg muscles. Sparks’ favorite soldier was Tony. He was handsome, kind and protective especially to Sparks. Once as a child Sparks was going out toward where her father was fighting in the battle of the lands and Tony ran up to her in the nick of time to save her from a trampling horses hooves. She shuttered at the thought of that terrifying day.
Sparks’ father came running toward her across the burning plains of the battlefield. Behind him ran ten men shooting at him, missing him by mere inches. Sparks’ mussels tensed as she watched each arrow miss her father. Suddenly the earth began to shake, and a major crack formed in the earth. Sparks’ father just managed to get ahead of it before it became too large to dodge its forever-going depths. The men stopped shooting, for they were much too far behind to hit him with an arrow.
When he reached her, her father said, “You shouldn’t be here,” then apparently considering her he said, “Go hide,” then he hugged her tightly before running off again. Sparks watched the men get around the crack by running to the smallest side of it and jumping, and continued after Sparks’ father. They pushed Sparks to the ground as they ran past “You’re next.” She got up and ran to the watchtower, but was confused by the soldier’s words “You’re next.” What was that supposed to mean? As she reached the watchtower her younger brother came running. “What are you doing?” she asked angrily, “you should be at the top.”
“I’m…” her brother, Flare, stuttered.
“Oh just come on,” and they began running up the stairs of the tower. As they got to the middle of the tower, she heard a loud boom. “Come on,” shouted Sparks speeding up to full speed.
Once at the top, Flare and Sparks looked for their father. Flare spotted him running northward not far away. Terror filled them at the sight of a cannonball shooting, crashing, and killing many men. As the cannonball landed, their father flew up into the air, about ten feet up as it looked to Sparks’ terror filled eyes, then, as if in slow motion, he fell back to the blood-stained ground.
Sparks heard the shout of the leader of the Wobniairs fill the air. “Move out,” it shouted, inhumanly loud over the stifling sounds of clanking and shouting. From all directions, men started back southward to their kingdom.
“You cowards… you killers… you…!” Sparks yelled at the retreating men while leaning over the wall at the top of the watchtower, angry that they could even think to kill a fleeing man. Though she was sure no one but her brother could hear her, she yelled as if they were there below her. She began to cry and the tears streamed down her face like a rushing river.
When all finally became silent, and Sparks made some more angry comments, still with tears streaming, Sparks and Flare walked down the stairs, and across the field, to where their father lay, dreading what they might find.
As they reached him, a horrifying sight beheld them. His face was almost unrecognizable and his armor was crushed and bended, and to top it all off, he was covered from head to toe in blood. He was sprawled on the ground, barely moving. Weak from pain, he turned his head, and said in an almost inaudible voice to Sparks first. “Watch out for your brother, keep him safe and don’t get into trouble,” and turning to his son, “stay out of trouble.” Then his eyes closed and his body went limp.
“No!” cried Sparks.
“Daddy,” whimpered Flare. Tony came out of the darkening, ash-covered plain. He had jet black hair, brown eyes, and strong muscles, just like all the other Karpas soldiers.
“Come on,” Tony said soothingly. Flare refused to leave his father’s dead body that was now soaked in tears from Flare’s sobbing, puffy eyes.
“No, no, no,” Flare repeated over and over, arguing, and struggling whenever Sparks and Tony tried to get him to let go. But several minutes later, Sparks managed to pull him away from their father and on toward their home.
When they reached the safety of their house, which was out of range of the battlefield, Tony let them go inside.
“I’ll send someone to take care of you,” he said softly before leaving them.
“Sparks, I’m scared,” said Flare
“Don’t be scared, there is nothing to be afraid of,” but Sparks knew perfectly well that all was not well and there was more trouble ahead in their future.

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Kayla Toothless, that is really cool.

Dragon firewings(Heaven) (slenderfur) Thanks I hope to publish it someday

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Kayla Yeah, I want to get mine published soon too. I'll read yours, definitely!

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Can I make a topic for mine? Or do you? If you have to, call it, cabbits please!

Dragon firewings(Heaven) (slenderfur) I'll have more here tomorrow or something i have 6 chapters at the moment

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) do i make a topic for my book? help!!

Dragon firewings(Heaven) (slenderfur) sure if you want to

Dragon firewings(Heaven) (slenderfur) Chapter one
The moving pot
Sparks looked in the mirror. It had been six months since the battle against the Wobniairs, and Sparks had grown. She had beautiful jet black hair, a face fit for a queen, sapphire blue eyes, and a perfect, svelte figure. She loved looking at herself in the mirror when she was alone. The full sized mirror was on the left side of her mid-sized room, farthest from her door, with her bed on the opposite side of the room. A dresser was next to the mirror, and her toys given to her by her dead mother, were in her toy box nearest the door at the head of her bed. Just then Flare burst into the room. “Sparks, come quickly.” Sparks could hear the urgency in his voice, and so she ran with him to the living room. Sparks looked around the living room that was brightly lit from six windows that covered the walls, and had two blue couches, set in an L shape in the middle of the room, a tall pot with a lid covered in strange designs, and brown paint on the walls.
“What is it?” Sparks asked slightly annoyed, when she saw nothing unusual.
“I saw, and heard the pot move,” said Flare excitedly and just a little bit scared. They sat on the couch and watched the pot closely.
After a minute Sparks said, “Well it looks like your moving pot was just an illusion. I’m going back upstairs.”
Less than five minutes later Flare burst into the room again. “Sparks, it moved again!” She was getting annoyed.
“Flare, please stop messing around with me, it’s not funny!”
“But I’m not messing around, I promise,” Flare retorted.
“Okay, I’ll take your word for it this time, but if it doesn’t move…”
“It will, I promise.”
So they went downstairs, and Sparks sat down on their blue comfy couch, and Flare started acting like a circus announcer. “Welcome, and be ready to amazed as this pot…” he touched the pot with his left hand. “Ouch,” Flare screamed. Sparks ran over to Flare and examined his hand.
“Sheesh!” she exclaimed as she saw the severe, flame-shaped burn on his palm.
They were just getting over the shock of the burn when the pot squealed and hopped across the room.
“Wow!” exclaimed Sparks, then she remembered Flare’s burn and hurriedly asked him, “Are you okay? Does it hurt?”
“Yes and no,” answered Flare, “but I told you! I told you the pot moved and squeaked!”
“Okay, okay you were right from the beginning, and I’m sorry I didn’t believe you,”
“That’s okay,” said Flare, forgiving Sparks, “just make sure to believe me next time.”
“I will,” she said as she walked over to look into the pot, but just as she was about to lean over it and look inside, the front door opened.
“I’m home,” called a girls voice from downstairs.
“We’d better not tell her yet,” whispered Sparks before they ran downstairs.
“Aunty Michel!” called Sparks and Flare together, and ran to their aunt.
“Did you bring us anything, huh, huh?” asked Flare excitedly. Michel bent down to her bag and pulled out a snow globe, and a bar of chocolate.
“This is for you Flare.” She handed him the chocolate bar, “And for you,” she handed Sparks the snow globe.
“Thanks Michel,” said Flare in a muffled voice, for he had already stuffed his mouth with chocolate.
“Yeah, thanks,” agreed Sparks.
“You’re very welcome,” Michel said with a laugh, and she went to her room to unpack.
“Why can’t we tell her about the pot?” asked Flare
“We will eventually but now if we tell her she might freak out, being back from Hansonsville for two minutes and finding out about a moving pot. We’ll tell her at dinner I promise.”
Sparks watched Michel come downstairs. “What’s for dinner?”
“OOOO yummy.”
“I’m glad you’re back from your business trip,” said Flare at dinner that night.
“Me too, I missed my niece and nephew,” replied Michel. Sparks said nothing for she was too intent on figuring out why Michel was so happy—happier than normal. She was also waiting for Flare to say something about the pot but thankfully he didn’t say anything
After dinner Michel sent Flare and Sparks to bed. “Good night Michel,” called Sparks from the top of the stairs. “Goodnight,” Michel called back.
“Michel, can I have a bed time story, please?” begged Flare.
“Alright,” answered Michel and headed upstairs.

* * * *

The next morning, Sparks woke to the sun as usual, and headed downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Michel was down there cooking it over the fire-lit stove. The heat from the stove made the atmosphere seem warm and inviting. Michel, Sparks noticed was humming a wedding march quietly to herself. Michel finished cooking the eggs and put it on a plate with the other breakfast foods. It consisted of eggs, ham, and toast.
“I’ll go wake Flare for breakfast,” offered Sparks before she sat down at the table.
“No that’s alright, I was just about to go up there myself to get ready for the day,” said Michel.
“Alrighty then,” said Sparks as Michel went upstairs. Sparks looked around the kitchen as a quiet noise that sounded like snoring filled the air. The sun was still coming up so it was hard to see around the kitchen, but she saw the stove that was still warm from the fire that was burning there and down at the trapdoor that she knew led to the cellar below the house, but nothing moved but the light dancing from out of the stove. She decided it was just her imagination and went back to eating.
About half an hour later, Flare came down with Michel. Michel was a young, very beautiful girl with brown hair, and blue eyes, Sparks noticed as she walked down the stairs into the light of the sun from the living room windows.

“Come on, get your shoes on, and get in the cart,” said Flare excitedly.
“Where are we going?” asked Sparks confused.
“To the market,” interrupted Michel. Sparks knew she and Flare loved the market; all the wonderful things to do and smell and she also knew that if Michel didn’t butt in and say ‘To the market,’ Flare would have burst.
So Sparks did as she was told and got in the cart. Michel climbed in at the front of the cart, grabbed the horses’ reigns and soon they were on their way. The weather was warm, and clean for it had rained the night before, but the streets were boring, and quiet, for there were no other carts on the street. So to keep themselves busy, Sparks and Flare played the ABC game, where they looked for things that start with A then B and so on. It was nearly an hour before they reached the market. Michel got out of the cart, tied up the horses, and beckoned for Sparks and Flare to follow.

* * * *

It was night when they got home. Flare and Sparks went upstairs and Flare fell asleep on the hallway floor. Sparks asked Michel if she could come to her room for a minute.
“Yeah, I’ll come after I get Flare into his bed,”
“Okay,” said Sparks.
Five minutes passed before Michel came in. She sat on Sparks’ bed and asked, “So why did you want me?”
“Well I have been wondering, since you got home, why you seem happier than normal.” Michel gave Sparks a knowing smile.
“I have a secret that I guess I can tell you, as long as you don’t tell anyone else” Michel quickly added. “It is sort of a private secret,”
Sparks agreed not to tell, and Michel went on. “I didn’t go to Hansonsville for a business trip like I said… I went to get married, and have my honeymoon.”
“Are you serious?? That explains why you were gone for a month!”
Sparks was surprised but before she could say something else, Michel left the room. Sparks knew it was because she didn’t want to be asked more questions than necessary, but it hurt her feelings nonetheless. She fell asleep thinking about what Michel had told her and with questions burning in her head.

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Dovewing Aren't you supposed to wit till Sept. to start writing?

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