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Nascha (najstar125) | 3 comments Mod
Welcome to the Harlem Renaissance Readers group.

If you love authors and books written by Harlem Renaissance writers or about the writers and the period itself, you're in the right place.

Come on in and introduce yourself.

I'm Naj, the "founder" of the group. I'm a Native New Yorker and Harlem native. I've been fond of this period and its works for a long time. And I started this group to meet and talk to people who feel the same.

message 2: by Rene (last edited Jun 05, 2008 11:33PM) (new)

Rene (renebl) I am very excited about reading works from Harlem Renaissance writers or about the writers and the period itself. I love all things New York and everyone who knows anything knows that the most awesome and talented writers have come out of Harlem period... especially during this period. So I'm excited about this process and I am going to read all these great materials to the best of my ability cause I love a good read! Yay!


🌸Sweetgrass (madamezenobia) I hail from "The Drive" i.e. Hamilton Heights...live and breathe Africana and want to delve into books on my shelf with like minded individuals, while discovering a new
(Josephine Baker is the original JB!)

Chez josephine!

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