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Do you think you would have found/embraced Islam if you weren't born a Muslim?

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message 1: by Aliya (new)

Aliya (ayilamina222) | 43 comments Im my saturday school we were discussing whether we would have found Islam if we werent born into Islam.......becasue usually when a kid is born, they take their parents religion.......some kids stick to the religion they were born into while others find other religions and convert............i just want 2 know what ur opinion is on this matter and if you werent born in islam, then how did u find it and why did u convert...........(i need 2 ask these questions because it's part of my project in my saturday school class)

message 2: by Femmy (new)

Femmy | 120 comments That's a hard question to answer. I would like to think that I would find Islam if I weren't born into Islam. But we would never be able to know for sure, would we?

A Kid Named Megan☮ | 33 comments yea-femmy.My mom and dad AND my step-dad converted.
But-i'm not really POSITIVE i would convert to islam if i wasn't born muslim.

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Totally agree.But I would like 2 think that I would.

A Kid Named Megan☮ | 33 comments yea-hey asiyah:)

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey!!:)Like ur name and pic!

A Kid Named Megan☮ | 33 comments thnks:)

message 8: by Muna_booklova (new)

Muna_booklova | 2 comments I actually converted a few years ago. I learned about Islam through a comparative religons class in college. After finishing the class I continued my studies on Islam and converted on my own. I was raised in a very religous catholic home, and went to catholic school most of my life but being muslim came natural to me, and connected me to God in ways that I never felt being catholic. Some people say that I must be going through a phase, but they dont know what I know. I tell them the only judgement that matters to me is from God.

message 9: by Sweetdhee (new)

Sweetdhee | 10 comments Muna_booklova wrote: "I tell them the only judgement that matters to me is from God. ..."

nice line, sist!

i do wish that i would find Islam if i wasn't born as a moslem..but i wouldn't know that for sure..

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

We should just be grateful we have it now.

message 11: by Sweetdhee (new)

Sweetdhee | 10 comments I just graduated!!!Asiyah.M♥☻☺ wrote: "We should just be grateful we have it now."


message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

convert here! thanks to my brothers and their research on religions.

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message 14: by Amanda (new)

Amanda I was not born Muslim, I converted in 2009 ALHAMDULILAH. I am white, American, and actually married to a Christian.

I can not imagine not being Muslim, it's a beautiful life and I have a sense of purpose.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

oh me too, what a coincidence :)

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