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message 7: by Bry (new)

Bry (utqtbry) Thanks! :D My fingers are crossed I do it this year!

message 12: by Bry (new)

Bry (utqtbry) Thanks Dani! I had gotten so bad of keeping track of them!

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) (Gatadelafuente) | 145 comments I had to do some catch up myself.

message 14: by Athira (new)

Athira (Reading on a Rainy Day) (readingonarainyday) | 835 comments Just letting you know that I've moved this thread to the 2010 Archive folder, in preparation for 2011. If you wish to find this thread later, please keep a copy of the link to this page. Thanks!

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