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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments Uh, I'll post Crash again and I suppose we'll from there. I changed some parts fo it so....P.S. Pert means animated, alert, or lively.

Candy looked out the airplane's window. Depression sucked her back into the world of her monotonous escape. She had been flying for the past week, buying ticket after ticket for many different flights. Her current flight was coming to an end and she would, once again, have to make her next decision. She heaved a sigh as the plane jostled her.

The drone of the plane’s engines abruptly ended. Everyone in the plane looked around. They hadn’t landed yet, had they? An alarm blasted through the plane and a voice sounded from an intercom. “Everyone, we are having technical difficulties. Please stay in you seats and buckled.”

Candy noticed the voice sounded panicked and she looked at the nearing water below her, face impassive. She was tired of running. Her latest felony had been a disaster. The senator was dead and she was an outcast in society, so what harm would the water engulfing her have? Nothing. There would only be a release from her predicament.

The water was much closer now and cries sounded throughout the plane. “We’re going to die,” the voices cried, one after the other.

Yes. Release. That’s all that mattered now. Her journey was done. She would never have to pay for her crimes. Or would she? She had never been too keen on an after life. Part of that was just because she didn’t want to pay for them. It was hopeful thinking.

Candy’s face became pert. No trials to go to. No more policemen to hide from. Just darkness. Endless darkness. That’s what she would believe- nothing more, nothing less.

The man sitting next to Candy looked on in disbelief. “How can you be happy!”

She ignored him and unbuckled. She faced the window wishing that the plane would hit the water faster. Suddenly, everything was dark and she lurched forward in her seat.

Water rushed in from the seams in the plane and everyone started screaming and clawing at the windows, trying to get out. One man even tried to open the plane’s door. It was all no use. The water pressure kept everything tightly sealed. Candy sat there calmly, unmoved.

The water was at her knees and rushing for her waist. It was cold; she could no longer feel her toes. Tears streamed down her face. She knew it was all a lie. The darkness she had thought of before was a vain hope, it hadn’t been what she had been taught and it wasn’t what she believed. There was an afterlife. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to be caught, to pay for her crimes.

Candy hit the window with her fist as the plane sunk lower into the depths of the sea. Panic constricted her throat. The water was just below her chest and her breath came in short gasps. She looked around for something to smash the window with. Nothing. The cool water raced for her lips. Candy strained to get one last breath in before all the air was gone.

The sea consumed the plane. People started passing out, others couldn’t hold their breath any longer and water flooded into their lungs. Many of them threw their arms and kicked around, knocking those beside them out, condemning them to an unconscious death.

Candy gazed around, determined to hold her breath until she passed out. The plane settled at the bottom of the sandy sea. Black started to cloud her vision and she released the air from her lungs. A face appeared outside her window and smashed the window open. She felt strong arms around her waist, then her body scraping against the window frame.

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FreakPrincess | 23 comments That's really good!

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments Here's the part that happened before this. I actually wrote it after, it's my entry for this months contest.

Candy inhaled and sheathed her knife. She took the bed’s quilt and covered her victim with it. The senator had been quite troublesome, not only for her employer but for her too. He had been working hard and gotten too close to learning the truth.

She heard footsteps outside the door. “Daddy,” a voice asked. A boy opened the door.

Candy was shrouded in the shade of the room, leaving her face indiscernible. She spun on her heel and fled to one of the large windows.

“Who are you?”

She propped the window open and jumped out of it. She quietly landed on the cement and winced as a shock of pain traveled up her legs. A boy’s cry sounded from the building, forcing her to run, which meant anyone who was out would see her. If anyone were asked about something suspicious they would surely mention her. She wanted to walk, but she knew that she had to get as far from the senator’s home as she could.

Her heart pounded in her ears. Adrenaline pumped through her body. Her eyes were open wide and sweat poured down her neck. Candy stopped running and bent down, hands on her knees.

Police sirens screamed through the streets as they rushed past Candy. Fear gripped her heart and she began to run again. Her car was in sight, and she fumbled with the key to unlock it. The key fell into a puddle at her feet and Candy cursed as she tried to find it. It took, what seemed to be, a lifetime before she found it. She struggled to turn it correctly but was finally able to open the car door.

She started the car. She regulated her breathing once she put several miles of road behind her. She felt more comfortable and relaxed a little in her seat. A telephone booth lay ahead and Candy parked the car a few feet from it.

She got out of the car and walked towards the phone booth. She fished a quarter out of her pocket, then paid the phone’s fee and dialed her employer’s number.

“I told you not to call me until the job was done,” a bored voice answered.

“It is. I need you to fly me out of here.”

“Sounds like something went wrong.”

“The senator’s son came into the room.”

“Did he see your face?”

“No. Get me a flight out of here.” She heard him typing on his side of the line and waited until all was silent.

“Give the receptionist my name then yours. She’ll give you your ticket.”

Candy hung up and glanced outside of the booth. A police car made its way down the street. She observed its speed and deducted that the driver planned on stopping. She pushed the booth’s door open and walked towards her car, keeping her head down. Too late, the officer had already parked; she would have to talk to him now.

“Ma’am, may I ask you a few questions?”

“Actually, my flight will be leaving soon.”

“It’ll only take a minute,” the policeman assured.

Candy sighed, “Fine.”

“Do you know where Senator Burkens lives?”

“No. Who’s Senator Burkens?”

“You don’t know who he is?”

“I’m sorry, sir, I’m a foreigner here.” Candy shrugged.

“Would you mind coming down town?”


“Just a finger print test. You’re a foreigner, so I’d rather just clear all suspicion.”

Candy nodded and walked slightly behind the officer as he led her to his car. She stopped then started to backtrack. She spun around and raced for her car.


The officer ran after her, but Candy had already turned her car on and was speeding away. She took every short cut she had memorized from the maps she had seen of the surrounding area. Sweat made the palms of her hands slippery, causing her to almost hit a flagpole. The airport was in sight but she could hear the police sirens echoing throughout the streets.

Before she had fully stopped the car, Candy was running towards the receptionist. “David Clarks. Candy Leon.”

The receptionist nodded and gave her a ticket. Candy snatched it out of her hands and rushed for her flight. The flight attendants were closing the plane’s door, but Candy argued her way into the plane. She inhaled deeply and sat down in the only empty seat. The plane lurched, and was in the air within the minute. She calmly looked out the window- her heart beat finally slowing.

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FreakPrincess | 23 comments Ooh I love it! I like the action- it's very well done *thumbs up*

message 5: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments Here's another. Tittle: Masks

Drake walked down the street and yawned. He had seen several cops arresting a few people by the bar and it was barely midnight. It hadn’t surprised him, he’d expected it to happen. Popping a miniature Hershey’s chocolate bar into his mouth, he let it sit there, enjoying the flavor. Boulevard Street, almost there.

A heavy sigh escaped Drake’s lungs. The Masks, who had been terrorizing the streets, weren’t out tonight. Their rivalry with the Jokers was awful. He looked at two recently abandoned apartments. The buildings had been the two gangs’ most recent victims. The cops just couldn’t seem to keep these people under control. It was quite frightening, even to a fairly large man like Drake.

Sadly, he had to travel these streets every night. Drake usually arrived at work early so he could leave early but he had had a very large load of things to do today. Karen, his boss, wouldn’t let him leave, let alone take some of the paperwork home with him. He had protested as much as humanly possible, carefully playing the gang card but she hadn’t listened. So here he was, walking the streets at the most likely time to be mugged- or worse.

Several deaths had been reported this week, all of which had been the product of the Masks. The Jokers had been dormant lately but Drake thought that that was only because they were trying to recover from the last fight they had with the Masks.

The sound of scuffling feet filled Drake’s ears. He wanted to turn around but he didn’t dare to. The best thing was to just keep walking, right? Was it the Masks or the Jokers? Or could it be both?
He allowed for a quick peak behind him and gritted his teeth. The Jokers walked behind him. Apparently, they were done resting.

He turned and walked faster. The Jokers’ breathing sounded heavy and Drake imagined he could feel their breath. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and goose bumps formed on his arms. Drake tried to steady his breathing, but to no avail. He thought he heard himself gasping for air but wasn’t sure.

“Where’re you goin’,” one of the gang members asked, his words slurring together.

Great, he’s drunk. Drake shook his head and miserably kept his eyes focused on the street ahead of him.

“Hey! I said where’re you goin’!”

Drake felt a large hand on his shoulder and almost lost his footing as the drunken man spun him around. Fear gripped his heart. The man wore a clown mask but his frightening, bloodshot eyes were still visible.

“Well,” one of the other men asked. Every single gang member wore some type of clown face, but they weren’t traditional masks. Each one had filth and an evil smile placed upon it. The deep red around the smile seemed to drip, the effect heart stopping.

Drake looked at the gang and gulped. “Uh, I-I’m going home.”

“Home! Bah!”

The Jokers eyes rose to stare behind Drake. The Masks were strolling up the sidewalk, towards them, some stumbling from their intake of alcohol. The drunken man let his arm fall started towards the Masks, not forgetting to throw a punch in Drake’s direction. Drake stepped back, clutching his jaw. His breath caught in his lungs and he doubled over as pain flowed throughout his head.

The Jokers ran past him, one of them pulling out a gun and aiming it at the opposite gang. Several more men followed with the same action and bullets flew. Exploding sounds pierced Drake’s skull and dread filled his head.

Drake looked up at the Masks. The gang members had their faces painted. Black or white on the whole face with a red paint around their eyes. Some had a bit more decoration on their cheeks but most went with the plain black or white with red.

Drake turned as one of the Masks pulled out a knife and stabbed a Joker. A scream of pain erupted from the man’s lungs and he fell to the ground, shock evident in his eyes. Drake knew he had to leave, and quickly.

He moved his feet and skirted around the gang fight, trying to be inconspicuous. It might have been his lack of movement that had been his downfall but Drake didn’t really care. Red liquid streamed from his chest, soaking his shirt. He looked down in alarm, one of his hands interrupting the liquid’s flow. He gasped for air; a bullet had gone straight through his left lung, right below his heart. Then Drake felt an exploding pain in his gut.

Pain flowed through his body as several more bullets lodged into it at random places. He stumbled forward then, his knees buckling, crashed onto the pavement. His vision blurred, witnessing the smiling, fierce face of the Masks leader.

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FreakPrincess | 23 comments Oh yeah, I read this when I was reading all the entries on the Masks. It's good- i feel a bit sorry for the guy who gets killed though : (

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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments Yeah. Do just want a link to my writing?

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FreakPrincess | 23 comments Sure.

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FreakPrincess | 23 comments Woah, that's a lot!

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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments Haha, well you don't have to read them all in one day! But please do comment! And if you don't like something don't be a afraid to say it and tell me why!

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FreakPrincess | 23 comments I'd be glad to :D

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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments Thanks!

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Stephanie (chasmofbooks) | 2875 comments Lol, I know. And more are coming! I'm just trying to finish a book right now, that's all.

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