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Favorite & Least Favorite Stories in this book

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Metra Just curious...

My very favorite was: "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose" - There was something heart wrenching, yet beautiful about this story.

My very least favorite was: "Water Off a Black Dog's Back" - I just thought this was boring and contained elements that did not tie in very well with the rest of the story (i.e. the Dad's colorful noses, maybe I'm missing some symbolism?).

Maurean LoL - I just noticed this topic, as I was updating the status of my reading of it...I laugh, because I think (so far, as I haven't finished yet) that "Carnation, Lily Lily, Rose" was my *least* favorite of the collection, while I rather enjoyed "Water off a Black Dog's Back", but I do think that "Travels with the Snow Queen" has been my favorite of all, so far.

C.D. Sweitzer "The Specialist's Hat" is probably the eeriest ghost story I've ever read. Dream-like and haunting.

Also loved the story about the man in the afterlife trying to send letters to his wife (forget the title of the story). I'm rarely that emotionally moved by fiction.

Jared Jackson I really liked "The Girl Detective" and "Vanishing Act." Both had me rereading various parts and retelling the stories to my family over the holidays.

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