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Karol Week 8 Discussion (May 9 - 15)
Part II, chapters 9 - 14

Karol This was an intriguing little section of the story. Anna's husband confronts her about propriety, and she surprises herself with her cavalier attitude. Anna and Vronsky "do the deed" and she immediately feels remorse. I have a feeling that her remorse will be very short-lived. I also don't think this is going to end well for her - I doubt that her husband will be as forgiving of her infidelity as Dolly was of Anna's brother.

As for Levin, he continues to pine for Kitty, although he is actively involved with his farming and is full of hope and energy. Interesting that Oblonsky comes to visit - I think that despite all the the reasons that he states, Oblonsky has been sent by Dolly (acting as a matchmaker) to get Levin to come back and see them.

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Kristi (kristicoleman) Thanks for starting the thread Kay! Sorry, I've been a bit busy the last couple weeks and need to get caught up again!

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LynnB I totally agree with Kay's comments. Anna ignores her husband's pleas for decorum, leaving him with a helpless feeling. Despite his concern, his jeering voice still comes out and Anna cannot feel he loves her. A year later, she and Vronsky have had their affair and she is immediately embarrassed for it and regrets it -- but what did she think would happen other than what did? She was a married woman with children and knew where she was heading.

The story changes to Levin and and there is a beautiful description of spring coming to his property.

A quote I liked from Chapter 14:
"... because I rejoice in what I have, and don't fret for what I haven't," said Levin." (wise words)

Karol Lynn, I agree with you. Vronsky and Anna both knew where they were heading, although Anna tried to pretend like she didn't.

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