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((Nobody's here))

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Then a small elven maiden walked in and looked at Season weirdly. She smiled

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The elf looked at her then cocked her head. "Do you live here?" As she said that, twin elves showed up behind the first elf.

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The lead elf smiled and bowed. "My name is Eryn. This is Sura and Arista." Sura and Arista bowed then looked around.

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"I live in Ellesmera."

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Eryn nodded. "Can you fight?" Sura stepped forward, asking.

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"Will you come with me to Ellesmera?" Sura asked, Eryn shaking her head. "Ignore her." Sura shook her head. "You don't have to."

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"You can fight." Sura sighed.

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Sura's eyes widen and she whispers, "We must leave, Eryn. She is here." Sura, Eryn, and Arista got ready to leave.

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"Season! Please come with us!" Sura and Arista yelled.

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Eryn looked at her, "No.... No!" Sura and Arista stared, dumbfounded at Siren.

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"Sura! Call your dragon!" Sura suddenly unfroze, her great black dragon appearing behind her.

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Eryn sighed and grabbed Arista's hand, both jumping onto the dragon. Sura followed and yelled to the dragon, "Go!" The dragon lifted up.

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Eryn screamed and Sura and Arista stared hacking at the vines. Arista whispered spells to keep them safe.

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Eryn screamed and elves appeared from the shadows, firing arrows and fire balls at Siren, hiting her.

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Kendra (madamejade) And another raven flies in and pecks the other's heart out. The raven perches on the ground and morphes into the shape of a fit twelve-year old. The boy stands and peers at Eryn. "Have you an answer for me, Eryn? will your elves leave our forest?" Kurnla asks her. Eryn scowles and says, "I would rather command them all to jump into the river and drown!" Kurnla shrugs. "That will work." And the shade disapears.

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