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A day in my shoes

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message 1: by Ameena (new)

Ameena Adel | 622 comments Hi

Since where all from different places, live different lives and are different people from different cultures, traditions...
Here each and everyone of us will have the opportunity to see what its like to live the lifestyle of someone else.

So here you can talk about what you can and cant do (house rules)
your usual day at school
what you do when you come back from school
how your neighborhood, house or room looks like
... and anything that comes to your mind

anything which will get other people interested in what life is like for other people


message 2: by Danya (new)

Danya Bakhbakhi (aynad94) | 61 comments why dont you start Ameena?! ;) lol

message 3: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. Me, I'm a secretary in a law office which is EXTREMELY exciting (not really). I'm married with a very sweet 12 year old daughter. I live in a bedroom community of Sacramento, California, in an older neighborhood. We have two wonderful dogs, and my husband's okay too.

message 4: by Ginny (new)

Ginny I wake up @ 6:30ish; another fun-filled day is about to start! I wake up my 15yr old and my 13 yr old to get ready for school. I drive them the 20 min. to a small school, the same one I graduated from. Because i'm a freelance interpreter for the deaf, I may or may not have an interpreting assignment for the day. If I don't, I'm doing laundry, cleaning the house, taking care of our cat (Luna the Tuna0 and our dog(Abby May). During this, I will get phone calls from different places if they need an interpreter, which I try to accomodate. If I am intepreting, I get into my little red car and drive (usually anywhere from 40min -3 hrs away) to meet with the hearing and the deaf people in need of my services. Sometimes it is very interesting, sometimes hard,but most of the time I leave feeling like I gave something that not many people can give. I pick up my children from school, we come home, do homework, read, watch a movie, walk our dog. They chat with their friends,try not to fight with each other because it makes me sad(and they know if it gets real bad, I will send them outside so I don't have to be a party to it!)We go to bed about 11 to get up and do the whole thing again.

message 5: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 10 comments i wake up every morning at 6:30ish and get ready for school, i spend eight hours there. then i come home do all my school work and crap...every first and thirrd weekendes i go to my dads house with our four dogs and him and his wifes smoking...then i come home on sunday to my mom, my- step dad, my rabbits and guinea pigs...

message 6: by Ameena (new)

Ameena Adel | 622 comments i wake up 5:20 for skool, get ready, eat anything fast
it takes 30 min to get to skool
i get home from skool at 3:00, i eat lunch, change, do my H.W or study...
(depends sometimes after that i watch T.V)
i use goodreads
i read some more then i sleep

in between i pray, play with my little brother and sister, talk to friends, listen to music and write

message 7: by AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness, protected angel of lost souls and darkness (new)

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) | 301 comments Mod
try a day u sat up all night go work 4 to 5 hours then come home and do same thing over again

message 8: by Ameena (new)

Ameena Adel | 622 comments i have never not slept
like i've never continued one day with the next

message 9: by AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness, protected angel of lost souls and darkness (new)

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) | 301 comments Mod
ya i up and sleep mostly on me days off not lot sleep but 2 to 3 or less ours on days me or or more just buy 2 hours or so

message 10: by AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness, protected angel of lost souls and darkness (new)

AngelOfLostSouls&Darkness (angeloflostsoulsdarkness) | 301 comments Mod
k time for work 11am get up 10am for alarm run around get dresssed at 10: grab Coffee go out Door Run 4 10:30 bus talk few beople on phone at work till almost clock in run around all day come home 3 or 4 pm check here get hour nap then be here again when wake up till sleep 5am or later leep 3 to 2 hours before alarm and start all over exept tuesday friday and saterday

message 11: by AAAlien (last edited May 09, 2010 10:41AM) (new)

AAAlien | 431 comments I wake up, it takes me like an hour to get ready, sometimes more (i'm working on that x_x), take a bus or a cab to work, survive, come home, eat, and in the afternoon STUDY for the university exam, read, play videogames, be on the pc, etc etc, then sleep, and again...

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