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20 reasons why we should make my pirate penguin the main pic

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Akira Casch (jagwar902) | 7 comments Before we Start Everyone can see the pirate penguin in the photos section!!

1) Its a pirate
2) Its still a penguin the name wont change
3) He has a peg leg
4) and a hook
5) He's super awesome
6) He is fatter
7) This makes him cuter
8) He has a red eyepatch
9) Skully cross bone hat
10) This is quite possibly the only penguin with a peg leg and a hook
11) I don't know if that is possible i mean he has flippers and stuff
12) The old pic is nice, perhaps too nice..?
13) Pirates are pretty cool
14) Penguins are cool too
15) Penguin pirates are really just too freaking fantastic
16) My teacher loves penguins
17) She also loves pirates (I didn't ask her, thats a given because everyone does)
18) He's got more than just black and white
19) The other classes didn't change their pics so we will be original
20) All of the above

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Akira Casch (jagwar902) | 7 comments Vote whether or not a penguin pic is even more awesome at the polls!!!!

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Akira Casch (jagwar902) | 7 comments Mrs. Del Fierro if you are reading this then answer this.. Should we add books that we've read to the class bookshelf??

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