Circle of Fire (Prophecy of the Sisters, #3) Circle of Fire discussion

has anyone read this?

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Hominay hey im reading this trilogy and ummm.. i need to noe what the third book is about if you could copy or type the summry to me that would be great!!!!


Raven Black It isn't out here.

Jessica I don't think it is out anywhere until later this year

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Alexandria Sides Nope it won't be out til August. :(

Amber loved this book the ending was perfect i was just sad it was over i could read more about the adventures between lia and dimitri

Erjane I love this series but I think I am a bit disappointed with the predictable ending. :(

Krista I love the series, but the end was weak. It should have at least have had Lia and Dimitri goinf away together.

Prarthana Loved this series!

Zaila Castillo I have the 2 books but the 3rd installment a.k.a the Final Trilogy of the sisters I haven't got it, and I'm desperate to know what's happening and if there is a bittersweet ending...

Krista The ending wasn't that bad, but I've been told that the third novella ends in an unresolved cliffhanger that ruins the ending of Circle of Fire. If you read those too, you should be prepared for the worst.

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