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Read With Me: Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber

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Harlequin Books My darling Michael, I know this letter will come as a shock to you….

On the anniversary of his beloved wife's death, Dr. Michael Everett receives a letter Hannah had written him.

In it she reminds him of her love and makes one final request. An impossible request—I want you to marry again. She tells him he shouldn't spend the years he has left grieving her. And to that end she's chosen three women she asks him to consider.

First on Hannah's list is her cousin, Winter Adams, a trained chef who owns a café on Seattle's Blossom Street. The second is Leanne Lancaster, Hannah's oncology nurse. Michael knows them both. But the third name is one he's not familiar with—Macy Roth.

Each of these three women has her own heartache, her own private grief. More than a year earlier, Winter broke off her relationship with another chef. Leanne is divorced from a man who defrauded the hospital for which she works. And Macy lacks family of her own, the family she craves, but she's a rescuer of strays, human and animal. Macy is energetic, artistic, eccentric—and couldn't be more different from Michael.

During the months that follow, he spends time with Winter, Leanne and Macy, learning more about each of them…and about himself. Learning what Hannah already knew. He's a man who needs the completeness only love can offer. And Hannah's list leads him to the woman who can help him find it.

Harlequin Books Chapters 1-3

Dr. Michael Everett was widowed a year ago and he is still grieving, barely living outside of work. On the anniversary of Hannah's death, Dr. Mike's brother-in-law gives him a letter from Hannah. He was shocked to get the letter but even more shocked by what Hannah wrote to him. A list of women. She wants him to find a new wife.

Oh man, Debbie started this one out with an emotional bomb. I feel deeply for Dr. Mike and am anxiously awaiting his journey back into the real world again.

Harlequin Books Chapters 4-7

Ms. Macomber introduces you to two of the three womem on Hannah's list. Macy is a sweetheart if a bit unorganized. She has spirit and doesn't seem to know how to take no as an answer, a girl after my heart. LOL And then you get to know Winter, Hannah's cousin. She may be a great woman but is she right for Dr. Mike? She is the first one that Dr. Mike contacts. He thinks it will be easier talking to her because at least they will have Hannah in common. I think it will be good for Dr. Mike to meet up with Winter but I don't think it would be a good idea for things to go past friendship. She has way to much emotional baggage at this time but maybe Ms. Macomber will work her magic on them as a couple or maybe she will pick Macy. I really enjoyed her character. Dr. Mike needs her kind of zest for life but is she right for him? I just don't know yet. She may be a bit to much for him to handle. LOL There is still one more name on the list and I can't wait to meet her and compare her with Winter and Macy. It alos looks as if Chapter 8 starts out with Hannah's brother Ritchie grilling Dr. Mike about his meeting with Winter. Going to be a fun chapter to read!

I don't know how I managed not to read ahead until I made this update. It has been just about killing me. So please believe me when I say I am sorry it took as long between posts. I have a small injury high on the back of my leg that makes sitting in my desk chair very uncomfortable. I've had to avoid the computer which almost killed me as much as not reading ahead.:(

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Rossy Oh no, i hope you can heal very soon!

Too bad i can't join you on this read yet. My OCD will not let me start with this book, even though i REALLY want to!LOL
So i'll just have to start with the first book in the series and work my way here.

Harlequin Books Chapters 8-10

Boy was this a set of emotional chapters for me. I was choked up several times and the beginning of chapter 8 had me crying crocodile tears, the kind that completely blurs your vision. Their moment of shared grief (no I'm not telling you who) touched my heart deeply and it was all done in basically one sentence. I love it when an author does that for me. :) But to continue with more impressions from these chapters, Dr. Mike is sure he isn't ready for relationships but he starts to consider some of the other things Hannah wrote in her letter and decides she may be right about a few things. It was a good feeling for me to watch him explore new thoughts of the future. We also finally meet the third woman, Leanne, the nurse. She has changed since the last time he remembers her but he does remember the friendship Leanne offered Hannah right up to the end. Is she right for him? I don't know yet. I can see why Hannah would pick her but might it be best if they just became friends? I can see why all 3 women might be right for him.

Rossy, Yes, I'm a pretty quick healer. It barely is noticeable now. :) And, I totally understand about wanting to read them in order but this series is another one that I am jumping right in with the current release. I know I may be missing which characters other readers may be getting an update on but I'm so thoroughly enjoying the story that it doesn't matter. I can always go back and locate all the books and then read them in order and get to enjoy this one all over again. :)

Harlequin Books Chapters 11-15

Ok, we finally meet Macy and for Dr. Mike, it didn't go so great. Macy is late. He thinks she is way to flighty. Macy's opinion of him isn't much better. She finds him to be an arrogant jerk. But Hannah will get her way and Dr. Mike won't be able to not get to know Macy. I have a feeling she will be a huge trial for him. I'm still not sure which woman he will pick in the end.

It was really hard for me to stop reading. I really wanted to find out Macy's reaction to Dr.Mike.

Harlequin Books Chapters 16-21

Hmmm, in these chapters I got to know the characters a lot better. Dr. Mike reminds me of someone I used to know years ago. I'm hoping Dr. Mike learns how to be happy again more gracefully then my friend did but I'm highly doubtful of it. They seem to be two-of-a-kind. Each of the women characters have grown more comfortable. I have a definite that is not ready for anything more than friendship but I think Dr. Mike would be a very good one for her to have. The other two have risen higher on my scale of who would be "right" for him. LOL Like my opinion matters. I'm sure in the end; Dr. Mike will pick the perfect fit for him. Hannah wouldn't have it any other way and neither would Ms. Macomber. ;)

I know, I bit more vague than normal, but I really don't want to have to label this conversation a spoiler. I can't tell you who I think Dr. Mike will pick because, ummmm, that is definitely a potential spoiler. I may be totally wrong too. LOL

Harlequin Books Chapters 22-26

Well one of the women is definitely getting under Dr. Mike's skin. The poor man is making a fool of himself in front of his staff. He is grumpy and all out of sorts. Another woman helps him feel comfortable but that is about it. Absolutely no physical attraction at all. The other woman is definitely interested in Dr, Mike but I'm not sure how he feels about her yet. I also think that Hannah's brother, Ritchie, is lucky that Dr. Mike is not a violent person or he may have had a black eye by now. He sure does know how to ask the questions that piss Mike off but they do make him think and look at things differently. I peaked at the first few words of the next chapter and it looks like Ritchie is going to give Dr. Mike a bad day again. LOL Go Ritchie!

Anyone else wish they could see the mural being painted in Dr. Mike's office. It sounds so cute!

Harlequin Books Chapters 27-31

A lot happens in these chapters. Dr. Mike comes to a decision that I agree with. One of the women gets really bad news and leaves. One has an accident and one woman gets some of the best relationship advice I have heard in a long time. I would recommend this book to everyone based just one that one chapter. I think anyone who is in a relationship, plans on being in a relationship, or was in one that failed miserably should read this chapter. I've been married for 17 years and I believe it could even help my relationship for years to come. It's perfect for those just starting out or those old married folks like me. Funnily, the advice involves lists.

There are only 40 pages left and only a few loose strings to tie up and I'm anxious to finish!

Harlequin Books Chapter 32-36 (the end)

A couple of things happened that I wasn't expecting in these last chapters. The woman Dr. Mike picked wasn't as sure as he was and things went real bad. The other two women had better luck in love than he did with the other men in their lives so Dr. Mike went out on a blind date. Of course it wouldn't be much of a love story if that was how it ended so you know things worked out for Dr, Mike in the end but Ms. Macomber does a great job at keeping you turning the pages right up to the last one.

My overall thoughts on the book were that it is a good read that I will be happy to recommend to others. My mom already has dibs on reading my copy next. But seriously, I can't stress enough that the relationship advice I mentioned earlier is definitely reason enough for me to suggest Hannah's List to all my friends. Not only will you learn something useful in real life but you will feel happy and will probably have a silly grin on your face several times while reading. Considering I had a tissue alert during this read with me, you can expect an emotional rollercoaster ride with a very happy ending.

Harlequin Books I'll be reading Chasing Perfect by Susan Mallery next. I hope you will join me!

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Rossy Ha, already read it! Really good, you'll love this new series.

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Jan I too walked away with a good, happy feeling. Not quite like the " Bucket List ", this was different, the person who dies, is making great choices for the one she has left behind, with some good insight in what her loved one might need most, after her departing she is still involved in helping make the loss of her a little bit easier, helping him into the next phase of life.
Good read,
Read on.....

Bessie Dusting Grief is not over-simplified. Still a bit unreal and he does snap out of his grief quickly. Also I found his final choice of partner hard to identify with - she did not seem to be a realistic character.

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Amy I didn't like this book for a number of reasons. The ending was too predictable, the stages of grief weren't realistic, and there wasn't enough depth to the characters. I couldn't connect with any of the women in it. The way the author portrayed some of the characters upset me quick a bit. Macy was a bit flighty, one girl seemed too caught up ion her own romance drama could've been another book), and the other was just a sweet girl. I wasn't impressed and definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

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