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This rp is where you can make any charrie have a "power." Plz plz PLEASE limit the werewolves and vamps

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any1 feel free 2 accept one's character!

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name: Sky
gender: F
personality: Will see in role play
power/gift: Can control other peoples emotions and sort of control actions.
kin: None
crush: Open
other: If she gets angry or hurt or sad her powers get out of control.

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oooooo i like both!! :D

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name: Aphrodite
personality:Shy but will defend herself and others. Strong willed.
power/gift:She can control fire and take her energy and turn it into flames causing it to come out of her skin.
crush:starts to like Wyatt but won't admit it.
other:has strong instincts and her energy temps Wyatt because its so strong and pure

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name: Wyatt
gender: M
personality: Mean, frightens people easily, doesn't like to talk to people and is very distance. He doesn't have that "bad-a**" kind of attitude he just doesn't feel like he can trust anyone. Not really shy, but doesn't talk much at all.
power/gift: feeds off of people's energy
crush:Aphrodite. He thinks she is special and beautiful. He keeps it a secret tht he loves her.
other: Thinks of himself as a "monster." Never lets any1 c him weak. Aphrodite's energy temps him so he cnt stay around her for long bc he is tempted so much.

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Name: Gwen
gender: F
Personality:Doesn't talk Much, Strange, Stays away from people as much as she can, very shy
power: Find out in rp
Crush: None yet

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Awesome!! LOVE IT :D

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i need help!!! shld i change the pic 4 Aphrodite to some1 with blonde hair orrrrrrrr..shld i leave it??

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I think you should leave it :) I like it

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Ⓗarlⓔy-Phⓞenix wrote: "I think you should leave it :) I like it"

okey dokey :D lol i'll leave it:)

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...I'll delete this..and make it a proper one..

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When everyone gets there..charries..o.o

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i gots mine

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hehehe me toos!!

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ooo hold on a sec, lemme make a new topic so we can rp at cuz mister stupid ovr here 4got 2 ;P lol

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Carly  (cloud-envy) Miight join this. Hmm.. ^_^

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yay!! ^-^ we need all da ppl we can get :]

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