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Hummy Forgive me if I've remembered this incorrectly but the book mentions an abandoned industrial area at one point and on reading an article from JPG, I came to the realisation that it might have been based on the island of Gunkanjima ( What do you think?

David I certainly thought of Battleship Island when reading. And I think it may have served as some inspiration.

But the island in the book remained populated after the industry had disappeared. And I think Gunkanjima was wholly owned by the company, and when they closed the operation everyone was moved out.

And sadly, anywhere in poor old Japan, there are abandonded industries and towns. The good times came and much was built that could not then be sustained. There was a town near me where the hillside was dominated by a huge "Spanish Castle" ... the main feature of a huge amusement park that was abandoned after a couple of years.

So, I think for a lot of Japanese people reading the book, perhaps they wouldn't be thinking of Gunkanjima ... they'd be thinking of the place down the road. Sad, isn't it?

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