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Kurobuta Pork

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Ximena | 17 comments Mod
I was introduces to this KOBE style pork loin chop and it was amazing!

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Endre Barath | 33 comments We've had KOBE beef hamburger; we've had sashimi KOBE beef and loved both! But - what is KOBE pork loin chop? I've not had it, nor heard of it? Where did you get it or where did you have it? and where can I get it?

message 3: by Ximena (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:18PM) (new)

Ximena | 17 comments Mod
The brand is Snake River Farms
and below is a little info on the their product. My brother inlaw introduced me to Vincente foods in Brentwood and I bought them there. The pork loin chop was like a ribeye and it came with the bone. I had some great avacados and made guacamole so I made a rub of garlic, cumin and black pepper and pan seared them for about 6 minutes on each side,let them rest for 5 and ate the best porkie pig chop ever. I made the mistake of not trimming the edges a bit but it was SOOOO Good!

Snake River Farms, well known for its premium american kobe beef, is now producing american kurobuta pork. Kurobuta (Japanese black hog) is 100% pure all-natural Berkshire Pork.

While other crossbreeds are available, Snake River Farms is one of the few brands offering 100% purebred Berkshire, ensuring a consistently exquisite eating experience. Kurobuta pork is celebrated in Japan for many reasons, especially its marbling; an attribute which the Japanese prize because of their long standing appreciation of Kobe beef

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