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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
name: Charlie Davidson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Black long hair, Icy blue eyes, Pale fair skin, Tall, Slim, Athletic,
Pesonality: Determined, Stubborn, Sarcastic, Strong(mentally),
Crush: Not One
Other: has a scar running down from in-between her eyes down the left side of her nose...
Parent: Athena and apollo

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
(raven, are you going to make one?)

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can you just make it I will make you a mod

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
i already did...crap you werent kidding about the mod thing...

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i wasn't and cold you make rps for the other topics

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you welcome...

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so invite everyone you know

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod

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good this shall work

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
most likely...

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it will damn it and every couple times coming on here if people don't join send the invite again and again

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
yes it will damn it....

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fucking hell yes to all those essays fuck you bitches

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ok...are you havinga bad ass day?

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harman (slacked) ok....im not sure if i did this rite but oh well...

Age: 16
Gender: female
Appearance: http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c35...
crush: no one(yet)

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
yes you did it right...

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harman (slacked) yay!!

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yez and need help rping charlie will help you

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
uh, sure

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harman (slacked) k thanx =)

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
you welcome:D

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charlie can you put the rps in a folder for each one so they are eaiser to find

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harman (slacked) k...

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
sure (if i knew how to do that)

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ugh i wil do it

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
thank you!

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Name: Ann
Age: 16
Gender: Femae
Apperence: http://fhrankee.deviantart.com/art/In...
Personality:Nice, jummpy, fast, good friends
Crush: TBD
Other: Ali's friends ( if thats okay)
Parent: Nike

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harman (slacked) nice.....

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod

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harman (slacked) i dont get the charrie part...like camp half blood charrie....
i know wut ur thinkin..."she's so stupid"

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no were not...its making the character that you are going to role play...

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Its ok we all have those moments

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Jackie (JackieLynneBishop) | 168 comments Mod
i have them more than the normal human...

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harman (slacked) ohhhhhhh ok thanx!!!

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yeah day is gift girl is right

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Name: Raven Bane
Age: 17
Gender: M
Apperence: http://www.emo-corner.com/forums/inde...
Personality: awesome
Crush: tbd
Other: sword and other weapons hehehe had the immortality sucked out of him when a little baby
Parent: Eros and Nemesis

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harman (slacked) nice...

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harman (slacked) lol =)

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look at the picture

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harman (slacked) he's hot...

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jkjkjk I am not gay

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harman (slacked) =)

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i cant find good cute guy pics ugh so hard

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harman (slacked) lol =) sry i replied so late...i had 2 go 2 office max w/ my dad n get a new filing cabinet cuz the one they bought had drawers that didnt open with the keys....

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