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Lost Light (Harry Bosch)

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David J. Possibly the best of the Harry Bosch series. This mystery-within-a-mystery has as many skins as an onion, and, like all Connelly's writing, sheds an unflinching light on human wickedness and duplicity.

Bill I just finished this book. It was quite good as all Connelly books I have read have been. In my opinion it isn't the best I have read in the Bosch series (which I am reading in order) but like I said it is quite good.
My best in the Bosch series so far are: The Concrete Blonde, A Darkness More than Night, and The Last Coyote.

Shirley I agree with you Bill concerning your 3 fav - I'm a die-hard Connelly fan and I do have a crush on Harry! LOL

Zora the worst Connelly is far better than the best of most writers. I'm also with bill, particularly on The Last Coyote, my favorite of the series.

Shirley Yes Zora - you're right! The Last Coyote was great - I just ordered 3 Connelly Books from Amazon- and I thought I read them all! - cleaning by book shelves and cross checking with good reads - lo and behold I had 3 PB missing - I wait for the pocket book due to collecting them all and my budget won't allow for hard covers LOL

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