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Gail | 63 comments Mod
Reading, writing, or just thinking about African-American and/or Multicultural romance? Then, this is the place you'll want to visit -- come often, stay a while, and leave a few words with us.

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Gail | 63 comments Mod
Good to see you ladies stepping up and joining in! How 'bout a really quick (say, 20 words or less) bio/intro? Who writes? Writes what? Writes why? And then, there's the other side of that coin: who reads? Who LIVES to read? What do you read? Any special reasons?

Let's hear from y'all soon (can you tell I live in Georgia?)!

message 3: by Soully (new)

Soully (soullygifted) | 4 comments HI all,

My name is Tasha...I am an avid reader who reads at least one book a day (don't ask, just pray for me..;}) and an author. (Wow it feels good to say that....LOL)I write AA romance, but I read absolutely all types of romance from historical to paranormal to multicultural. I have finally finished writing one of my books running around ion my head after what seems like forever and that accomplishment alone made me do the happy dance. I have posted the first chapter to my writings section on this site. Oh you did say 20 words or less...Okay I'll shut up now...LOL!

message 4: by Gail (new)

Gail | 63 comments Mod

You funny, girl! I'm headed to the writings section to check you out. Look for my comments and keep doing that happy dance (actually, I've seen the cartoon character Snoopy do mine!.

message 5: by SassyMama (new)

SassyMama (sweet-sassycomcastnet) | 17 comments name is Shawnette and I absolutely LOVE to read...I am a wife and mother of 3...a 14 year old daughter and 2 1/2 year old twin sons...I am a ROMANCE you will see if you ever visit my shelf...I read all types of romance...but I especially support our AA authors...some of my favorites or should I say the following are authors who NO MATTER what they pen (even if it was a menu) I would probably pick it up...because they have yet to disappoint me...Beverly Jenkins, Crystal Hubbard, Adrianne Byrd, Francis Ray, and Brenda Jackson...and that's just to name a few...but I read oh, so many authors...looking forward to chatting/reviewing/recommending with you...Happy Reading, Ladies :-)

message 6: by Jean (last edited Jun 06, 2008 10:57AM) (new)

Jean Holloway (jeanholloway) | 6 comments Hi Ladies,
I'm Jean Holloway, author of the multicultural romantic thriller, Ace of Hearts. Thought I'd take a minute off from working on the sequel and stop by to say Hi! Hey, I'm a Georgian too!
I'm one of Shawnette's biggest fans (my 1st unsolicited GREAT review! ;o) I'm STILL doing my happy dance!
I started Ace in 1980 when I realized that strong AA heroines seemed to have died with the end of the blaxploitation era. During the 27 years it took Ace to get published, other AA female authors must have seen the void too'cause now we're doing it for ourselves!
Well, gotta get back to writing,
P.S. Tasha's right, 20 words or less?? IMPOSSIBLE! ;o)

message 7: by Gail (new)

Gail | 63 comments Mod
Okay, that 20 word thing... just a thought.

But, 27 years??? Whew, that is serious devotion to craft and story. As a writer, my hat is off to you! As a reader, I am so glad you gave birth to your story.

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Gail | 63 comments Mod
Hey Shawnette,

Nice to meet you and have you joining us. I know about 2 year olds (and you have two at the same time!), so I am impressed that you even find the time to read.

Know that the authors you meet here are really, really, REALLY ready to "pick your brain," so be ready to read AND review!

message 9: by SassyMama (new)

SassyMama (sweet-sassycomcastnet) | 17 comments Thanks for the welcome...yeah...I'm impressed, too...I usually read when they're preoccupied with eachother...when they're napping and I'm not napping myself...after I've read them a bedtime story and they are in the process of going to sleep for the night...and definitely when they're away visiting the grandparents in's hard to find the time...but reading is something I make the time to do...even if it's just reading books to the twins...and as far as picking my brain...that's fine...but my reviews are based on nothing more than what I like or don't like while reading the book...I don't try to hurt people...but I honestly state if I like a book or dislike it...and in simple as a "consumer type terms" I state my feelings...most of my reviews are just posted for myself...because having twins and not getting any memory is not what it used to be...and sometimes I if I don't post a review I might find myself wondering...hmmmm did I enjoy this book or was it just okay or did it totally miss the mark...and sorry, but I don't like reading a book that wasn't any good over, again...but feel free to pick my little brain...sorry for ramblin', but once I get going...there's no stopping me...LOL...Happy Reading :-)

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SassyMama (sweet-sassycomcastnet) | 17 comments Hey,'s it took 27 years...well I found your novel well worth the wait...and I'm glad you didn't give up...and I'm eagerly awaiting the get crackin'...LOL...Happy Reading & Writing :-)

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