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Ruby witch/demon

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Lynn (dwell_ondreams) Opinions about Ruby? I'm not sure about her. She helps the boys a lot, but I think she has a plan, there's something in it for her. And now that the body she was possessing was taken over by Lillith & she was shed aside, we must wonder where she went - is she in hell again? Was she just shoved down deeper into her meat suit?


J-Lynn Van Pelt | 23 comments I think she is in hell again. Maybe she'll show Dean the ropes? Teach him how to possess? I don't know.

I liked her character in season 3 because she helped Sam man up and was a good comparison of what Dean might become. But, I am not so sure that I want her to be a regular character.

I like the fact that the boys are the two constant characters and the rest come and go. Although I would vote for more episodes with Bobby--I love him!

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