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Only a few rules...

#1 No cursing. EVER.
#2 Please be nice, and don't kill each other in the book discussions.
#3 For the roleplays please respect people and their characters. For example, if a person wants their character to sneak out of camp, no saying your character saw them unless its part of the plot or whatever. And no killing each others characters with out asking.
#4 Only roleplay a persons character if they said that you can. If your caught rolplaying another persons character without permission, the posts you posted will be deleted.
#5 For people who aren't mods, no making a topic without permission.
#6 For the Warriors role plays, no making more than one leader, deputy, med. cat, or med. cat apprentice. Please give everyone else a chance.

That's pretty much it....And have fun!

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Maybe we'll see. :3

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Thats gota be fun...

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Syeira-la No killing each other, no cursing...dang, these rules are going to kill me. Wait does dang count?

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Not as cursing no. Dang, heck, freaking, crap thos are all okay to me. :3

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Syeira-la Yaaaaaaaaayyyy!

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Who likes spoilers?

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Syeira-la MEEEEEE! Wait. I don't have to worry about spoilers, I've already read everything.

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I know all the warriors books- and many others. Try me!

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stephanie team bellaXD (swimmerforever13) try me 2. i kno sooooooooooo many books, and besides, i <3 spoilers~

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