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Regency Movies > Bringing Sexy Back in Regency? (WARNING: Sexy Images)

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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen (karmolina) | 5 comments I'm guilty of the repeated rewind on this one too. You can also catch Colin Firth's wet shirt moment on know, in case you're away from home and need a Mr. Darcy fix. ;)

message 2: by Diana (new)

Diana (barrier_maiden) | 1 comments Super sexy, all of them! ;) I love the way that men used to dress. Very stylish and flattering.

message 3: by Kagama-the Literaturevixen (last edited Oct 03, 2013 08:10AM) (new)

Kagama-the Literaturevixen | 76 comments Mod
Its one of those iconic film moments...((also sexy))
it also influenced this celebration of Pride and Prejudice turning 200 years


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