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The "Splinter Cell" Program was run by Third Echelon, a top secret branch of the NSA. It consisted of the most highly trained opratives.

Splinter Cells are deadly assassins, they are either never seen, or no one is left to tell the story. They are after one target, and will kill anyone who gets in their way.

You are a shadow, but deadly one.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» OMG!!!! I am super-excited!!!!

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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» What exactly is the rank part? Could you explain that?

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there's not really rank, everyone but one guy is a field operative.

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» Oh, well you have rank on the profile, so I was a-confused.

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sry i'll change it

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