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Things Stephanie has destroyed

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message 1: by MJ, Mrs. Joseph Morelli (new)

MJ | 541 comments Mod
One for the Money:

Mazda Miata-Repossessed by Lenny Gruber.

Chevy Nova-Left for dead, which is OK since it had already been vandalized and had no muffler, tailpipe or radio.

Joe's Cherokee-According to the morning paper, "unexplained explosion".

Two for the Dough

Jeep Wrangler-Stolen in front of The House of Eternal Slumber.

Stiva's Funeral home- blew up in explusion

Three to Get Deadly

Baby Nissan Pickup-Bad carburetor since day one. High school kids called it a "fartmobile". Finally met it's maker in the form a of a rocket launcher. Blown to pieces. R.I.P. baby pickup.

Four to Score

CRX-Soaked in gasoline and ignited by a discarded cigarette butt from Mrs. Nowicki.

Lula's Firebird-Blown up with the CRX. That's what you get for parking next to Stephanie.

High Five

Porsche Boxter-Sideswiped by a garbage truck and later exploded into flames.

Garbage Truck-Parked next to Boxter. Blew up and then fell on what remained of the Boxter.

BMW-Stolen, but thief was kind enough to leave the plates and registration number.

Hot Six

Honda Civic-Fire started from wacky tobacky use by Mooner and Reefer.

Rollswagon-A few dents, but mostly too embarrassing for even Stephanie to drive.

Mitchell and Habib's Lincoln-Not really Stephanie's fault. Car was trashed by Morris Munson driving like a maniac in his Crown Victoria.

Carpet Car-Caught on fire from flaming dog poop in a bag.

Seven Up

Honda CRV-Crumpled up like an accordion by DeChooch in a Cadillac.

Hard Eight
Honda CRV-Fire bombed by a rabbit.

Honda CRV-Same rabbit doused the CRV in starter fluid and lit a match to it.

Ranger's Truck-Went up in flames from a package tossed into the bed. Probably the same rotten rabbit.

Ten Big Ones

Ford Escape-Made it through To the Nines, only to be fire bombed by Red Devil Robber at the beginning of Ten Big Ones.

$200 Lincoln Town Car-Sprayed with graffiti and shot to bits by The Slayers.

Eleven on Top

Stephanie's Saturn SL-Car bomb set off when Mama Macaroni turned the ignition.

Joe's SUV (make unmentioned)Blew up with his garage. Along with Stephanies cello

Twelve Sharp
No cars were destroyed in Twelve Sharp. Instead she went through some men.

Joe Morelli-Got beat up rescuing Stephanie and Lula from a bar brawl.

Tank-Took one to the "the boys" while trying to help apprehend the old lady who works at the Pleasure Treasure.
Ranger-Took a few bullets to the chest (was wearing a vest) while playing decoy to capture Scrog.

Between Twelve Sharp and Lean Mean Thirteen

Mini Cooper-Traded it with her sister Valerie for an Escape, because it was too hard to get the bad guys in the back of the Cooper.

Ford Escape-Tree fell on it.

Lean Mean Thirteen

Crown Vic-After having the back window blown out and a squirrel explode all over the inside, it is left for dead on the side of the road.

message 2: by MJ, Mrs. Joseph Morelli (new)

MJ | 541 comments Mod
And i thought i was hell on cars and men

message 3: by Keely (new)

Keely | 104 comments Has anyone counted up how many handcuffs she's lost?

message 4: by MJ, Mrs. Joseph Morelli (new)

MJ | 541 comments Mod
That would take a long long long time. lol.

message 5: by Inky (new)

Inky | 37 comments Don't forget about her hair -- she's messed that up at least twice, once in Four to Score where Morelli pacifies her with his Duc and once in To The Nines when she has to cut it short.

message 6: by MJ, Mrs. Joseph Morelli (new)

MJ | 541 comments Mod
what about the time she was getting it dyed and she saw a FTA and ran out of the salon and her hair turned orange

message 7: by MJ, Mrs. Joseph Morelli (new)

MJ | 541 comments Mod
and when she was attacked by the dogs and had some "goo" in her hair

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