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message 1: by Caius (last edited Apr 27, 2010 02:40PM) (new)

Caius | 21 comments The book House Of Stone is about a a white family in the country of Rhodesia (a country that latter turns into Zimbabwe). Originally it was a white controlled country, then their was a civil war and the black Zimbabweeans took over and started what pretty much is a genocide. Out of like 400,000 white citizens almost all of them are killed or kicked out of the country by the blacks. The black president who they elected in 1980, and is still in power to this day, began ordering more and more of the whites killed. Now in Zimbabwe their are only a few hundred to a few thousand whit citizens.
The book mostly follows a white man named Nigel, and a black lady named Aqui. Nigel is a farmer who grew crops, raised ostrighes, and other animals. Aqui was the nanny of Nigel's children who grew up in a poor village.

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Joshua L. | 7 comments My book Bishop of Rwanda gives facts opinions and stories from the experience of the genocide in Rwanda. The author is John Rucyahana he explains the reasons why the genocide happened and personal acounts of the genocide.

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