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"The Use of Force" by William Carlos Williams

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message 1: by Carnot (new)

Carnot Frederic | 5 comments 1. According to the article " The Use of Force" by William Carlos Williams. the Author talks about the story of a doctor who went to one of his patient house and was involved in a plight cases.

2. i can relate this story with all of the others stories in one point. this point is the fact that in " button, button", "The sound of thunder", "the necklace" and this one which is " the use of force" we can find a strange ending. at the end it's always about a surprise.

3. i might think that the use of force is really important in our actual societies. as we all know, people are crazy sometimes. therefore, this kind of force can bring people at some situation in which they had to think twice before doing something against the law or somebody else. teh author type of people who may use this kind of force are teachers in education.

message 2: by Ngan (new)

Ngan | 4 comments Question 1:
Using force is not the best way to solve the problem

Question 2:
I think the doctor in this story is somewhat similar to Norma's husband in the story named "Button,Button". The similar to the doctor and Norma's husband is they are both nice persons. They're all patient in the way of treating. Like the doctors patiently treats the little girls, and Norma's husband patiently explains to her the silly thing about the box. Finally, they both run out of patience and explode their emotion at the end. Norma's husband goes away after she is too stubborn to listen to him, the doctor use the silver spoon to make the little girl's mouth open. These two guys are nice people and have long-lasting patience. However, if their patience is not recognized, their emotion will explode. Then. they will use strong force.

Question 3:
I think it is necessary to use strong force to maintain orderly, and regulated things. Although we know strong force is a harsh thing, and uncomfortable for other people, we do need it in our life. For example, at any schools in my countries, they have their own regulation with the purpose of making the schools in to order. Some students are aware of what they do is wrong or right, and they are ready to fix it up to improve it, so these kinds of students may not need to be used strong force. However, some other students are stubborn and naughty, they even know that they are wrong, but they are never willing to change. Thus, they can be a factor of making things messed up and involving troubles. Therefore, these students need to be used strong force to warn and manage them. The imply about the doctor "use of force" states that people have limitation of patience, their patience will be exploded if it is not recognized. In addition to doctors, there are many other types of people may experience this similar to this situation such as parents (with children), teachers (with students), managers (with employees, and doctors (with patients)

message 3: by Fiamma (new)

Fiamma Ovai | 4 comments Question 1. It is about a girl who was hiding her sore throat from everyone.

Question 2. The doctor in this story is related to "the story of the necklace". The doctor in this story plays the same role as the woman's husband in the necklace. The doctor was as caring as the woman's husband in "the necklace". The doctor tired his best to make sure that he found out what was wrong with the girl, so that he was going to protect her from dieing. Just as the woman's husband in "the necklace" tired his best to make sure that the necklace was returned.

Question 3. It is necessary to use force to maintain orderliness, because if no force is applied people will not take things important or seriously. The doctors "use of force" implies that if force is not used when needed, people will not do what is right. If the doctor did not handle the girl with force she would have not opened her mouth and if the sore throat was not found she would had been in much danger. In addition to doctor's i think the people that might experience a similar situation are those that work in the government, especially those that make the rule's governing the state or country. If they do not use force to make people do things the right way, things will not be done the right way. For example, if they do not put camera's on the traffic light, everyone will want to beat the traffic light, but because of the camera's people now obey the traffic knowing how much they have to pay each time they beat traffic.

message 4: by Tim (new)

Tim goi | 4 comments Question 1:
The doctor is sympathy, care for the patients'.

Question 2:
The doctor character in this story is related to the story " The Necklace" the greedy women husband. For this reason, the husband in the story of "The Necklace" helping his wife to solve the problems. For example, he is working very hard to earn more money to buy the necklace to replace the necklace which is lost in the party. This show that he is the sympathy and care person to his wife. Therefore, the story of " The Necklace" character is related to the story of" The Use of Force".

Question 3:
I agree that is it necessary to use strong force to maintain orderly. For example, having traffic lights in the road is to maintain less accidents cases and traffic jam problems. If didn't have the law to maintain orderly, can you imagine how ghastly will happen in the roads. This story imply about the doctor's " use of force" to help patients, so it might be helpful for the patients. In addition to doctors, others types of people like soldiers might experience a similar unpredictable, terrifying, or harrowing situation. To illustrate, many soldiers who fight for their country always live in the dangerous situation because they cannot predictable their life in the future. Furthermore, They also live in the harrowing situations because they are missing their family in their own country.

message 5: by Lucynguyen (new)

Lucynguyen | 4 comments Q#1: the story is about the method of the patient doctor treating his patient.
Q# 2: i think we can relate the doctor in " The Necklace" of the husband character. In " The Necklace" the husband had patient with his wife when she asked for expensive clothes. He tried to give her what she wanted to have. Moreover, he didn't complain anything, but try to make his wife be happy. He was also very gentle with his wife and didn't argue with her even he was deeply in debt. the doctor in " The Use of Force" is the same. He had patient, he tried to convince the child to open her mouth with several ways until he could see her throat. he didn't yell at anybody though the child was so stubborn.
Q#3: the answers for this question are yes and no. it depends on what situation you have to face with. if the situation you can just talk and solve the problem easily, you won't need to use force to maintain orderly. otherwise, if the situation needs force to solve, you will have to use force. that's why we have law. the law also have the level of it. if the crime seems light and not a serious problem, people don't need to use force, but if it's serious, we have to use strong method to control the situation.the imply in this story was that sometime we need to use force in the necessary situation. in the story, the doctor didn't use his hand to open the child's mouth but told her father to do it. He did it in order to help the child avoid the death. As you can tell sometime you have to use force to help people get out of risk which they may not know about it.

message 6: by Wookyung (new)

Wookyung | 4 comments Question#1: A doctor judges that a child who wants to stay with others has to kill her rather than letting her stay alive because the disease even her parents don't know is fatal to others.

Question#2: The doctor is strict and objective. I want to compare a team leader in The Sound of Thunder with the doctor. They are in common. They try to make a decision precisely and in fact, the surroundings are helped to stay alike by them.

Question#3: Yes, to use strong force to maintain the world orderly is necessary and important. Such people can judge difficult situations objectively. Because many people have weak hearts, societies need the force in many fields. In this story, the use of force means avoidable and necessary one in societies and the world. After all, they are so helpful to others and they would appreciate doctors. I think that judges play such an important role in the situation to overcome.

message 7: by Van (new)

Van | 3 comments #1: A little brave child that the doctor had to force her to open her mouth and find the disease.

#2: I think the doctor have some similarities with the wife from " button, button" because they all force themselves to do things they want. The wife in " button, button" forced her to push the button. likewise, the doctor forced him use strong physical actions to open the child's mouth.

#3: in my opinion, it is necessary to use strong force to maintain orderly. for example the doctor in the story named use of force,if he did not force the child to open her mouth, he would not cure her sickness.Moreover, it would let bad result for both the child, her parents and the doctor of course.

In this story,the writer imply that force is not always bad. Usually, people think that doctors are good. The writer choose the doctor as a character who force patient for good reason. Therefore, the write emphasize his point of view.

i think everybody might experience a similar unpredictable terrifying situations because it is life and these difficult situations are normal,everybody has to spend at least 1 time in their life. But the point is sometimes they have to force themselves in other to get good results.

message 8: by Gajin (new)

Gajin | 3 comments 1. In the article "The Use of Force," a doctor tried to cure the girl's hurt with using force.

2. ?

3. I think force which like the doctor used is necessary in society. Each person has different mind and different thinking, so to control every person the forces need. The forces are such a rule everyone have to follow. If there is nothing to be force, each person would insist their thinking and never follow other people's opinion. The force sometimes seems to hurt you. However, when you ignore the force and keep doing on your way, the result would hurt you more. In the article, the doctor's "use of force" is for the girl. The doctor wanted to cure the girl's sick even though she did not want to it. The process looked more hurt the girl, but because of the process she could recover her sickness and survive. I think every civilians experience this similar situation from their government. When a government tried to change something, civilians who against the plan get hurt from it. However, it might make better their life.

message 9: by Juliet (new)

Juliet | 3 comments 1)The story is about how does a doctor force a little girl to open her mouth to let him check her diphtheria.
2) The character I think is similar like the doctor in this story is the vanity of the female main character in the story of "The Necklace". Her vanity force her vanity force her want to be the most beautiful and wealthy girl in the ball,her vanity force her to borrow the necklace of her friends.
3) Yes , I do think sometime it is necessary to use strong force maintain orderly.Because people sometime would be lazy to follow the rules or the instructions of a lot of things. Sometime it is not the right time for them to be tired. So we need to push them a little bit. Sometimes, teachers,parents ,and bosses all will need to face this kind of situation. Sometime, if you just tell people they need to do something very politely, they may not care about it. Or they might not notice the how necessary or important hey need to do the thing. However, like the girls in the story, we also will be her sometime. Because we will be the students, the children and the employees. Sometime we hate bosses, the teachers and the parents, but we cannot say no to them. Because they can force us. Sometime maybe we would struggle, but that doesn't make sense. Maybe we can evaluate sometime, but that's the rule of the world. The only thing we can do is screaming. Maybe the story is a telling us a little story ,but sometime it is the cold truth in the reality. Once we are the girl, we want to be the doctor, once we become the doctor, we won't care about the girl anymore,even we were her once.

message 10: by Julie (new)

Julie | 4 comments Q #1: The story is about a doctor who was self-control in his job that faced a little stubborn girl.
Q #2: I think the doctor in this story relates to the husband in the story "The Necklace". They are a people who are patient and understanding in life. The doctor in this story was very patient in treatment a little girl who was stubborn. She did not obey or do whatever the doctor said. However, the doctor understood her situation, and was patient in convincing her to do what he said. In other hand, the husband in "The Necklace" was very patient in following his wife's orders. He was sympathetic with his wife's expectation. Also, both of the characters are responsible men in life. The doctor was very worry about the girl's illness, so he did in his best ways to save her life. The husband tried to work hard to pay the loan from losing the necklace. Thus, the doctor in this story is germane to the husband in "The Necklace" in some cases.
Q #3: I think it is necessary to use strong force to maintain orderly, regulated things in life. This story imply about the way in life about the doctor's "use of force". Sometimes, people have to face hard things in life. They have to leave their personal things to tend to social things. Even they have to force to do it. Because it is necessary in life, they have no choice. For example, the doctor forced the girl to open her mouth because it is very necessary. He had to do that because he wanted to save her life. He tried to calm down his anger or self-control his feeling. He could ignore her and let her die with her disease, but he did not do that. He forced her to do what he wanted because of her life. He did it not for himself but for her- a stubborn patient. This kind of person can be social people who like to do something for others. They like to send more than receive things in life. It is a hard job. However, they feel having responsibility in their job.

message 11: by Lucyliu (new)

Lucyliu | 4 comments Q #1. In the article, " The Use of Force,"it is about a doctor who used force to make a girl open her mouth and have a check whether she got a serious illness or not.

Q #2. In my perspective, the doctor in this story is similar to the guide from " The sound of Thunder." Because both of them use force to make other people do something. Although the doctor force the little girl in order to understand her circumstances, he still do something that she doesn't want to do. In the story of " The sound of Thunder," the guide force him to take the bullet from dinosaur, and also threatened him that if he didn't do so, he will not be able to get in the machine. Both of them are forcing others to do things which they are not willing to.

Q #3. Although forcing others is not a pleasant action, i think it is necessary to use strong force to make things methodically because if there is no force exist in the world, there may be some people rebel against others. people may want to do whatever they like without violating the law. i think the doctor was reluctant to force the little girl;however, the difficult situation made him do so. It means that force is essential in people's life because when we face a trouble that cant be figured out and can control something, we should use force to make something under control or to make something regulated.The most common type of people are teachers because teachers inevitably encounter students who are not diligent or hard-working. they must use force to make student obey them and do the assignments. Teachers might experience a terrifying situation because they have to punish bad students.

message 12: by HyVee (new)

HyVee | 4 comments 1. The doctor tried to find out the child's disease without co-operation of the child.

2. I think the doctor in this story is similar to the husband in the "Button, Button." In this story, the doctor wanted to help the child find out and cure her illness. However, the child had strong reaction against him. He tried to coax the child, but the child did not listen to him, she just wanted to hide her secret although it was dangerous to her. On the other hand, the husband in "Button, Button." also had actions like this doctor. The husband tried to help his wife get rid of the power of money, but his wife did not listen to him. Finally, she had done a biggest mistake in her life.

3. I think it is necessary to use strong force to maintain orderly, regulated things because sometimes people cannot control somethings in life. As this story, first the doctor tried to coax the child, however, the child had given him a strong reaction. How could the doctor do to help her if he did not use of force to find out her disease. That the only way he could do to help her. In our society also, the obvious example for using of force is tax. If the government did not force people to pay tax, they would not do it. Therefore, sometimes we need to use force to make somethings become better.

message 13: by Samrurng (new)

Samrurng | 4 comments Question #1 The story is about attitude and behavior of a patient and a good doctor.

Question # 2 The doctor in the story,"The Use of Force," can be related to a husband in the story,"Buttom, Buttom." This is because the husband makes right decision on not to follow his wife to do the bad thing; similarly, the doctor tries to make the best decision to cure the patient.

Question # 3 Yes, it is. In some situation, a doctor has to use strong force to maintain elderly to help him or her. In fact, helping patients from suffering is main doctors' duty,and it does not also matter young or old people. The story implies that when people are facing some problems in plight situations, they have to brave to decide what and how to solve the problem. In the case from the story, everyone might face such a unpredictable situation because we do not exactly know what will happen to our lives.

message 14: by Alaa (new)

Alaa | 4 comments Question 1: The use of Force is discussing a situation where a doctor has to use force in a patient and not to hesitate in order not to see the patient dying on her bedز

Question 2: In my opinion, the doctor is related to the tough guide in the story (The Sound of Thunder). That is because the guide had struggled with the cowered man not get out of the path and to listen to what he told him. Afterword, the period of being patient with the man had ended and he forced him to go and put his hand inside the monster mouth otherwise he will shoot him dead. In comparison, we see in our story (The use of Force) that the doctor was hardly struggling with the little girl to make her open her mouth in order to do his examination but he could not until her father helped him to hold her tide and he forced her to open her mouth using a spoon and knew the reality of her sickness.

Question 3: yes it is necessary to use force to maintain orderly but not always. For example, parents sometimes use force with their children as a punishment or to teach them not to do a wrong thing again. Also, I think the story implies that if the calmness is not useful, we have to use the force because with force you can obtain our aim more likely and we can get better farther results.
Other people might exposed to this is like presidents, soldiers and may be teachers .

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