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Name: Sullivan Lionelle Archer (Yes, she's a girl.)

Age: 19

Appearance: Light red hair that's wavy and to the small of her back. (If you know me personally, imagine my hair color but with a bit of blonde in it.) She was born pale, but she's much tanner now from being in the sun almost all day every day. She's stronger than she looks. She's 5'6" and is just a little on the heavy side. The bottom half of her body is a little heavier than the top. She has thin lips and a tiny bit of acne, but her skin is smooth and pretty otherwise. Her teeth are very straight and white. Her nails are almost always too short because she bites them when she's uncomfortable. Her eyes are green in the middle, then fade to blue around the outside. Most of her facial features are small, making her look harsher than she is sometimes.

Things you know about the character so far: Sullivan is kind of a tomboy. She grew up around boys, she's had to work hard to live, and her name isn't exactly the most feminine one out there. She's girly at heart, though. Best friends and family members call her Liv. She doesn't enjoy chores, but she'll buckle down and do them eventually. Hard work usually gets her in a bad mood though. If her feelings get hurt, she tries not to show it and is usually unsuccessful. She's more likely to get very angry than to get depressed or dejected, although her temper is somewhat even ('somewhat' being the crucial word). She's afraid of the dark if she's completely alone. She can be a bit naive at times. She's graceful and dances well. Don't call her Sully, Sull, Van, or any nicknames besides Liv. She doesn't like nicknames much. Deep red is her favorite color, though she hates the sight of blood. It doesn't make her sick - she just hates it. She bites her nails in awkward situations. She always has something behind her ear, like a pencil or flower. She's a good runner and can keep going for long periods of time. Her voice is in the middle range and not very strong or beautiful, but she enjoys singing to herself. Eats her food one item at a time--if she had mashed potatoes and salad, for example, she would eat all of the salad before eating the potatoes. She gets defensive easily and has a really pretty laugh. Very good with kids. Her legs almost always have scratches, cuts, and bruises on them because she likes to climb trees, walk through bushes, etc.

Things you know about the character's past: Not much. I know her younger sister has Asperger's syndrome (it isn't diagnosed because of the setting). Sullivan has grown up working hard and taking care of her sister. Her life has been fairly simple.

Where you think the character will end up: I'm still plotting stuff out, but she's the one that Gabriel falls in love with. She'll be much wiser by the end of the story.

What you want help with: I want to make her more likable. I feel like she's coming off... Bella-ish. Anything I have on this topic for her (besides the name) is subject to change, so feel free to give input about anything you don't like.

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RedPath | 562 comments She should have a wicked sense of humor and irony. It'd also be cool if she could dance really well and had, like, perfect white teeth.

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I like the dancing and the white teeth. I'm not sure if the humor thing will work because another character is kind of the funny guy of the story. Thanks!

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RedPath | 562 comments No prob! Sully sounds awesome.

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Haha. Sully. I've just decided that she hates that nickname.

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RedPath | 562 comments Because it reminds her of Monster Inc.?

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No, she just doesn't like nicknames because she feels like people try too hard to come up with them.

She doesn't know what Monster's Inc. is because of the storyline. The story is in the distant future, but it's a different take on it. It's kind of hard to explain.

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RedPath | 562 comments Oh, sounds cool. I'd definetly read it.

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Yay! Should I try and explain it? I actually feel like rambling right now. I'm a weeeeeeirdo.

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RedPath | 562 comments lol sure! I really want to know more. Pwease tell me?

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Okay. Tell me if this sounds too far out there.

By the end of the 21st century, most of the world had developed so much that there was no room on land for anything. There was just no nature left. Animals that once lived in the wild had to come into the cities, leading to the death of both people and wildlife. Everything was dirty and unsafe. People were beginning to get worried and were frightened to live at all. Suicide rates went up, crime rates sky-rocketed, and in a nutshell, the world was ready to collapse.

The leaders of every country in the world got together and tried desperately to think of a way out of this. There was no way to keep the chaos from progressing, so they tried all they could think of: they tried to start over. (I've decided that about 17 countries didn't agree with this idea and went their own way.)

It took almost two centuries, but somehow it happened. Factories were torn down. Any technology that wasn't necessary for survival was destroyed, with a few exceptions. Movies, cell phones, cameras, computers, and televisions were all disposed of. Trees and flowers were planted wherever other things used to be. Rivers were cleaned up. The government took every step possible to ensure that this plan would work. Everyone capable of working had some sort of job to help bandage up this damaged world. Eventually, the earth was starting to look good again.

The story takes place in about the 24th century. (I'm not sure yet.) People live primitively, but at least they're not on the brink of destruction. Rules are enforced to make sure that what happened before that almost led to the world's end, doesn't happen again.

However, some have heard stories about technology from ancestors and think the world was better off the way it was. They begin to rebel or flee to the countries that continue to use higher technology.

Wow. That took a long time. I didn't do a very good job explaining and there's a little more, but that's all I can type at the moment.

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RedPath | 562 comments It looks cool! sorta like backward progression. The past in the future is what it sounds like. Love it!

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks. =] I'm glad you like it.

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Ooh! Sounds awesome! Which was the one that was kind of like Romeo and Juliet? Except instead of Capulets and Montagues it was East and Highland?

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Thank ye! That one was called Rivals, but I don't know if I'm following through with it.

I'm thinking of giving her brown hair... it probably fits her more. But then I just realized that all my leading females have brown hair.... Ergh.

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Give her blonde hair. Or black hair. Or maybe she's a punk and dyed it blue. Just kidding.

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Hehe. I'm actually considering giving Adrienne black hair instead of dark brown. I'm not sure. Hrmph.

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Black hair would be pretty.
I'm trying to decide if Mitch's hair is black or just really dark brown... Well, his mom has black hair but his dad is almost blonde...

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I've always pictured him with really dark brown hair.
Black hair would be pretty for Adrienne?

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Actually, I'm keeping Sullivan's hair color. What do you guys think about her eyes? I can't decide what color to use...

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Maxy wrote: "I've always pictured him with really dark brown hair.
Black hair would be pretty for Adrienne?"

Yeah...I think I do to. Grazie.
Hmm...Adrienne would be pretty with black hair...YES!

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Maxy wrote: "Actually, I'm keeping Sullivan's hair color. What do you guys think about her eyes? I can't decide what color to use..."

She should have hazel eyes.

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Hmm. I'll have to think about it.

What color should Sullivan's eyes be???

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Oh. Hehehe. I posted that like five seconds after you... yeah.

I'm having a hard time because Gabriel already has brown eyes, and then Abel might have hazel/golden-brown eyes... RAWR! =]

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I love you too.
I keep calling her "Sully". Just like I call Ben "Bennie".

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You can call her Sully, perhaps, but she might lunge at you and scratch you. Except it wouldn't work because she bites her nails and they're always really short.

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So you're safe.

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Remind her that I am very skilled at eating faces. And I have Nero on my side. And vampires.

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I will. I won't let her hurt you. =]

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Okay. You're a good friend =D

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Danke. *grins*

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De nada. *beams*

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*waves her new Venezuelan flag happily*

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*claps hands excitedly* Yay! I have a Spanish one (SQUEE!), but that was before I found out that Spaniards aren't at all patriotic.

Way to burst my bubble, Señor Sellés! Crikey.

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It's been a long time since I've said SQUEE.

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Lets have a Squee fest.

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Okay. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Remember? littlebirdyTWEETTWEET!

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Yes! hahah! That's what Joshyboy thought I said.

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I still can't decide on her eye color. Poo.

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Green with flecks of amber and silver.

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I like that... I like that, I like that.

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Heeheee.... That reminds me of Warren's eyes. They're "silver-hazel".

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Only you would remember his eye color.

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