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Thanks to Crystal for asking and Gwen for answer.
Crystal wrote: "Can anyone tell me how to remove a shelf? I created one for-my-hubby and then I decided he can get a goodreads account himself. ;)"

On your HOME page, click on BOOKS. At the top of that page it says Bookshelves(edit).

Click on edit and you'll get a page full of options. Click Remove on the shelves you want to be rid of.

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Michael | 2 comments I'm not sure this is the right place to ask but I would like to divide the books on my 'read' list shelf into two sections ... books I own and books I've just read.

I see there is a 'books I own' category but it appears to be linked to a swap plan that is no longer in existence. So do I go ahead and put my owned books in that section or do I need to establish a different shelf somehow ... and if so, how?

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Hi Sharon.
Create a new shelf:
Click on My Books, from the top menu.
On the left hand column, click on Add Shelf.
When the box appears, type Owned.
Click on the ADD button.
Your new shelf is created.

Now, click on the Batch Edit link.
Click in the wee box on the books you wish to assign as Owned.
Select Owned, from the Shelves dropdown list.
Click on the Add Selected link.
Ta ta - all the required books sent to your new Owned shelf.
Hope this helps, but let me know is there is something more specific.

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Sharon Michael | 2 comments Thanks! Will go play with it.

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