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message 1: by SpottiPup407 (new)

SpottiPup407 AKA, Dapplekit | 4 comments Mod
Hi, this is SpottiPup407, and I'm gonna tell you how SHOW OFF!!! works.

1. If you like to draw a lot, and you want to enter yours in the Show Off Contest, then please register in the topic register
2. While your registering, don't forget to post a link to your picture, or else we can't judge
3. There will be three judges. One on how the shape is(If it's sloppily drawn or not). One on any shading or anything you did(You don't NEED to shade, it just MIGHT get extra points). And the last is on like background and stuff.
4. Finally, we're to judging. When the time comes to be judged, we will decide on the winners, and post them in a topic(You'll guess which one)And the prize is becoming a MOD!!!!!

Yay, I hope you all enter!!!Thanks!!!Bye-bye!!!

message 2: by noah (new)

noah (bacteriologicallysound) Hmm... interesting. You are compelling me to use Gimp more.

message 3: by noah (new)

noah (bacteriologicallysound) SpottiPup, can you please make me my own folder? I have a drawing I want to post. Actually it's a gift for someone. But I'm not sure where to post it.

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