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☼☺Caylpso☼☺ (oceangirl300) | 115 comments (2008) G

With a star-studded cast that includes Julia Ormond and Stanley Tucci, this Depression-era drama inspired by the American Girl line of dolls follows aspiring young journalist Kit Kittredge (Abigail Breslin), whose ingenuity and courage help save her family's house. While Kit's father (Chris O'Donnell) is away looking for a job, the family savings are stolen during a series of robberies -- and young Kit sets about finding the thief.

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love it!!!!!!!!!!

☼☺Caylpso☼☺ (oceangirl300) | 115 comments Cool .

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Defently the best AG movie.

☼☺Caylpso☼☺ (oceangirl300) | 115 comments I know right ?

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SunsetRose (emmarosevk) | 7 comments i like this movie!

☼☺Caylpso☼☺ (oceangirl300) | 115 comments Cool

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Emma wrote: "Defently the best AG movie."


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