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message 1: by Sheri (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:14PM) (new)

Sheri | 4 comments I am curious how many readers get their books from the library or if they purchase them???

I purchase them and 99% I only get the Hardcovered issue. Under my name and hubby's and daughters, I join and rejoin Doubleday and Literary Club and order and reorder at discounted prices. Someday I hope to have a wall library in my home but for now the books are in the wall unit cabinets.

message 2: by Caz (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:14PM) (new)

Caz Eddy | 5 comments I should use the library more but I do prefer to own my books. I like secondhand book stores and charity shops too, for finding cheaper bargains. Often I'll buy a book in those places that I wouldn't normally fork out the money for at full price.

I share your dream, Sheri of owning a wall library all of my own.

message 3: by Bonita (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:15PM) (new)

Bonita Rose | 22 comments Mod
great question Sheri. I do both... but I have to admit, I own a ton of books.... I buy the ones I really want.. cuz I tend to wanna reread them over and over again... but I have went to the library on occasion... simply when i didn't have the funds to buy the book i wanted to read... i do both!

message 4: by Lynn (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:15PM) (new)

Lynn (camillalynnauthor) | 6 comments Sometimes I go to the library and take notes from the books I get there, but if I really like the book I'll go out and buy it. Sometimes I just go out and buy the book. It all depends on my mood I guess; that and how book shelf space I have left. I'd like to turn an entire room into a library/office. :)

message 5: by Kent (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:15PM) (new)

Kent | 5 comments I must say Own. Frankly, because it's so much easier to just find something I like and go get it. The library would be quite simple, except, I have yet to go to the library here. Besides, I have a very dear friend that has 600, it's not too hard to find something to read.

message 6: by September (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:15PM) (new)

September (1radchick) | 1 comments I buy most of the books, and I try to get them on sale or discounted. Costco seems to be a pretty good deal most of the time. I would love love love to have a wall library someday, as my husband has kept every single book he's ever read (and there are tens of thousands), but for me, I can't read a book again, so I pass them on to friends, or, if I'm traveling, I leave them in the lobby with a note that says something like "I hope you enjoy this book. I did. Please pass it on to someone else when you're done." I guess I should start with the Literary Club again, as that does work well! Thanks for the idea.

message 7: by Denise (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:15PM) (new)

Denise | 3 comments I was a new books ONLY snob until my husband came along and introduced me to the joys of perusing used book shops. One of my favorite places is the Ann Arbor District Library's Friends of the Library book sale, held on weekends Sept-April. Nothing like getting a bag full of books (especially out-of-print gems and cookbooks, my secret favorites) for as much as I'd spend on a single new book.

I am willing to let a book go once I've read it; however, I'm married to a hoarder (!) so we have lots of shelves. I just got the new Ikea catalog and I'm drooling at their set ups ;)

message 8: by Dyah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:17PM) (new)

Dyah | 3 comments Back in my country the public library system and collection is not as good as it is here, so my family have a library of our own. But here, I prefer borrowing from the library. My husband and I move a lot and having too many books would be a burden.

message 9: by Cathy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:18PM) (new)

Cathy Graham | 2 comments I'm inclined to agree with Kelly and want to support the library. It just makes sense to use all the wonderful resources like requesting a book online. I just love that service.

I do buy secondhand books occasionally. Since I became unemployed, I've cut way back on the amount of new books I buy and have made it a rule to use the library as much as possible.

message 10: by Aberjhani (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:20PM) (new)

Aberjhani | 5 comments As a writer, it's important that I have access to certain book materials whenever I happen to need them, so I'm inclined to buy books when possible. Moreover, I managed bookstores for more than a dozen years and my employee discount, used quite liberally pretty much every payday, made it possible to amass a small library. However, I've been a patron of public libraries all my life and am both grateful and honored to know my books have been added to library catalogues around the world.

Poet-I-Am Aberjhani

message 11: by Elizabeth (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:55PM) (new)

Elizabeth (candlestick) | 3 comments It all depends on how I am doing financially. Just a few months ago, before I worked for Americorps, I was saving every penny and I was getting all of my books from two local libraries. But now, I am doing well and I am buying my books. I like to build up my dream future library. Don't you?

message 12: by YorkshireSue (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:14PM) (new)

YorkshireSue | 3 comments On average I have at least 6 books out of the library at any one time, upwards to 25 or so. I totally binge there and can explore new interests and discover new authors for free (so long as I keep on track with the due dates!) But I do own tons of books too...but am trying to pare those down. Not an easy task!

message 13: by Tulara (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:15PM) (new)

Tulara (iberostar) | 20 comments When we moved to New Mexico last year, I found out how many books I own when I went to pack them. Before we left, I sold some at a used books store (eight boxes), donated some to the library (12 boxes) and gave them away to friends(4 boxes). I still had to bring over 32 boxes of books - oh my aching back!! I am now winnowing down again - I am not going through that again. I love them - love to reread them, but the older I get, the more I see the beauty of living simple. I will take some tips from the messages above and get in gear to move these books along and enjoy the library more.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

I had the same problem when I moved earlier this year. I gave away nearly 1/3 of my books (mostly to the library, some to friends), but I still had a couple dozen boxes. The library where I lived before was fine for some things, but their collection was relatively small and had a somewhat conservative bent to it (especially the non-fiction).

I am fortunate to now live in a place with a wonderful, extensive library. I always have several books and dvds checked out and visit frequently. I have purchased only a couple of books since I moved because it is so easy to get what I want for free at the library.

message 15: by katherine (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:17PM) (new)

katherine brown (katherinethegreat) | 2 comments I definitely enjoy buying my own books, but in my recent ventures into the library I've picked up books I wouldn't have thought to buy and have found some really amazing books.

message 16: by patricia (new)

patricia | 1 comments I love new books it is an illness..but nothing brings me more joy than to be able to lend a book that i loved to a i loved the book here is a copy..weird i know..

message 17: by Cheryl S. (new)

Cheryl S. | 5 comments I own my books. I like to have them on hand to refer to instead of waiting for the library. I try to buy gardening books on sale, I also use a site called Booksamillion which sometimes has great how-to books on sale. My quilting books usually come from quilt shops and I have a criteria of there must be at least 3 things I know I will make in the book before I can buy it.

message 18: by Isabel (new)

Isabel | 5 comments I like to own my books. I could take my time with them, re-read, refer to if I need to and so on. When I can find good deals on used books I go for it. I also like to go to second-hand stores and buy books. It's a good way to explore with authors but, I sometimes go to the library and explore new authors as well. So it all depends in what mood I am! lol.

message 19: by Sandy (new)

Sandy (sandila) I buy mine because our library never has the new releases or they only get 1 copy and you have to wait forever. I'm not patient enough to wait that long if it's something I really want to read.

message 20: by Darlene (new)

Darlene | 1 comments I buy all of mine lately since I don't drive and can't get to the library. Besides that, I'm a bookaholic and LOVE being surrounded by books! I belong to several book clubs but buy most of my books used on amazon and from good thrift stores. I love new books best and prefer quality paperbacks over HB books although I like hard backs on my shelves. When I used to get books from the library, I could never seem to get them in the order I wanted to read them and it was frustrating. With my many shelves of books now, I have a wide selection to pick from, according to my moods.

message 21: by Paula (new)

Paula (pmwessells) | 3 comments I buy all of my books - I keep all of my hard covers, loan them out to friends. Most of the paperbacks I give away friends and tell them to keep on passing them on. In our Reading Room ( have designed these labels that you can stick in your book to remind the reader to pass it on! :) I have been known to leave paperbacks in the airport when I am done...

Bloomin’Chick (Jo) aka The Eclectic Spoonie (bloominchick) more often than not, i used to buy books, but in an effort to save $ and 'live with less,' i have been burning rubber to & from the local libraries since january! if i end up liking a book so much, i put it on my 'to buy' list!

message 23: by Georgia (new)

Georgia (wait4utopia) | 1 comments I absolutely ADORE the library...but truthfully, it all depends on the book...I rarely read a fictional book I try to get as many of those from the library as possible...books that actually make an impact on my thinking or I know that I would like to refer back to...I will go ahead and buy them...or if there is a book that I wish to read, and I am not able to find it at the library, I will then buy my own copy...but the library is almost an addiction of itself...I love to walk through aisle after quiet makes me smile just thinking about it..

message 24: by Isabel (new)

Isabel | 5 comments I also have many books I have and pick them up to read according to my mood. I like to go to the library and get books from there but I loooove to go to thrift stores and get books by th bunch (that's how I have enough stacks of them to choose from according to my mood at home). And I usually get used and sometimes new, books at amazon. These are usually reference books, though. Which I know I will keep. By the way I just found a place where you could swap books with others online. You just pay for the shipping when you have to send a book out to someone. When is your turn to get a book from someone you don't pay any shipping; the sender pays for it. I just joined yesterday. Go and check it out, here's the link:

Happy Reading everyone!

message 25: by Ilze (new)

Ilze For a long time I worked the libraries until the quality of the books you got there became appalling (some had pages torn out as people were using them for their school projects!!!! The librarians simply noted the missing pages and re-issued the books) (such is life in Africa at the moment). So I've resorted to buying books only if I really really can't afford not to have them at my fingertips. In fact, I'm thinking about starting a bookshelf with a message in it (using the titles of the books) - something like: "How to talk to your dog" next to "Let's both win" (a book on marriage conflict), next to "Clean cut", etc!

message 26: by Cathie (new)

Cathie (countrygarden) | 6 comments I love books so I buy the ones I really want and will use over and over. I do buy some at second hand shops occasionally if I see them, however, they are usually older books that have been in print a while. I don't check them out from our library because they are usually not in good condition and I like to read them at my leisure, not under a time limit.

message 27: by Hanin (last edited Apr 21, 2010 06:48AM) (new)

Hanin | 2 comments I buy books. I just love the feel of a newly bought book from the store. And im a collector myself. So i enjoy buying them. Once in a blue moon i go to second-hand shops.

message 28: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 1 comments I must confess I buy the books. I buy way too many books, but I love books! I love used book stores and finding bargains. I trade a lot - I'll take a big load to trade in like I did yesterday and then come home with that many and more. I write a lot in my art and non-fiction books - mostly highlighting and underline I mean, and I just love being able to walk over to a shelf full of books and pick them up and hold them. I admit I have a problem :-) The library never has exactly what I want and I don't like having someone else's book and knowing it has to be returned by a certain time. That drives me crazy. So I own my books. "A home without books is a body without soul." - Cicero

message 29: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne (adrienne_stapleton) I am a librarian so must admit the library is important to me, but I love having my own collection and I've got a ton of books at home.

Usually, I will check out a book if I'm iffy about it or think I'll only want to read it once. Because my collection was growing unchecked, I have set some criteria.

message 30: by Sandysconnected (new)

Sandysconnected | 10 comments I purchase and then donate them. I love having a book in my hand, but if I'm going to travel (I love to camp, and find places for photography) then I'm going to look in to an ereader.

message 31: by Sandysconnected (new)

Sandysconnected | 10 comments I'm a purchaser. I like to own my books. And I recently got a Kobo eReader...I'm just learning about it but I guess you can borrow books from the library on it!

message 32: by K Rae (new)

K Rae I definitely purchase books, but always for bargain prices. We have half price books here and I head straight for the clearance section where I get books for anywhere between $.50 - $2.00. I walk out with 2 bags of books for under $20. I have the Nook tablet and kindle app. and pretty much shop through their free books. My house does look like a library, but my problem with renting from the library is having to return them. I recently read an amazing book called "Moloka'i" and was sad to return it because I loved it so much.Moloka'i

message 33: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariakelly) | 4 comments If it's a genre or an Author I collect I have to buy the book. I also buy from Charity shops and The Book People. I do use the library on occasion but I have a kindle now so if I'm running short of stuff to read I just get the free ones off Amazon.

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