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message 1: by Jezi (new)

Jezi (wjrockafellow) Series: B.A.D. (Bureau of American Defense)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Duration: 5 months

Book Order:
1. Bad Attitude
2. Phantom in the Night
3. Whispered Lies
4. Silent Truth

Optional Related Books:
1. Born to be Bad
2. Playing Easy to Get

I am now a huge SK fan after reading several books form ther other series, but couldn't find any discussions about the BAD Agency. So who would like to try out these with me?

message 2: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 7316 comments I just got Silent Truth the other day delivered to my kindle, so i'm in...not sure when i'm going to get a chance to read it...but hey, that's what this is for...and i've read all the other ones, including the anthologies

message 3: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 4260 comments Jess I'm in. I've read 3 of the 6 and about to read Whispered Lies this month for the SK challenge already.

message 4: by Jezi (new)

Jezi (wjrockafellow) I am currently waiting for Silent Truth to come in the mail from Amazon along with Born to be Bad and Playing Easy to Get. I really enjoyed the other three books I read from her. I didn't know that Whispered Lies was part of the series when I started to read it, so I didn't read them in order, but was still able to follow along.

I really want SK to make a book for Joe and Tee. I really like their relationship throughout the series.

message 5: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 721 comments I read Born to be Bad and hated it. But I like Kenyon's other books, so I'm going to eventually read the others. I was really disappointed in this series so far.

message 6: by Jezi (new)

Jezi (wjrockafellow) Carolyn F. wrote: "I read Born to be Bad and hated it. But I like Kenyon's other books, so I'm going to eventually read the others. I was really disappointed in this series so far."

I just finished the Born to Be BAD book and I agree that it wasn't that great of a book. It is a lot different from the other books in the series. I encourage you to try BAD Attitude. It is much better than Born to be BAD.

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 1986 comments I am not sure which BAD series book I read first. It was a novella and it was what got me interested in Sherrilyn Kenyon. I didn't know these were the BAD series. I have a couple [whenever I see SK books I don't have I pick them up!:] of them. Thanks for opening the discussion =D.

message 8: by theandrelle (new)

theandrelle | 28 comments i really really like this series..i already had 6 books of it..and i must say i just am so fascinated with being a spy / assassin..though i am still waiting for Joe and Tee to have a book of their own or maybe about Retter since he's one of the major characters of the series...

i recommend this series to all and it's a must read... ^^

message 9: by Jezi (new)

Jezi (wjrockafellow) I agree that Joe and Tee need a book of their own. They are so great together. I would like more details on the times Tee has shot Joe.

I saw on SK's website that there is a new BAD agency related book coming soon called Deadly Promises. It does not yet have a date of release or what it is about.

message 10: by V (new)

V | 1 comments I'm dying to read about Joe and Tee. Does anyone know if they will in fact get their own book? I emailed the authors both Kenyon and Love. I got a response from Love and it sounds like their busy with other books and I'm not sure if we will see anymore BAD books. I will be totally pissed off if they leave us hanging without a story for Joe and Tee.

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