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Todd Larson (whitefish) | 10 comments What book or author on fly fishing has, in your opinion, flown "under the radar" of many fly angling literature readers? My nomination is a retired English professor living in Alaska named Frank Soos, author of the utterly charming "Bamboo Fly Rod Suite." My review is here:

So...who's your "under the radar" writer?

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ron swegman (ronpiscator) | 154 comments Mod
Pilgrimage with Fish: A Fishing Memoir by Ed Moses

Ed Moses captures the three-dimensional experience of fishing in real time within lyrical, thoughtful prose. His description of canoeing with his son down the West Branch of the Susquehanna River on a mid-summer afternoon is as close to the real experience as any I have read. His digressions into his angling past, youthful fishing adventures in Kansas and Minnesota, are equally well-rendered. He captures the soft sounds, the qualities of light, the subtle shades of a smallmouth bass, all with precision and poetry.

This is a fine book about family -- fishing adventures and rituals -- as well, and one small scene illustrates this: Moses tells us that his father would keep a single birch leaf from their rented Minnesota fishing camp and how, on the final day of each trip, he would set it free and replace it with a fresh one to keep with him until the next year's visit. A detail like this is much appreciated by careful, thoughtful anglers, and Moses provides plenty within the pages of Pilgrimage with Fish: A Fishing Memoir.

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