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message 1: by Kayla (new)

Kayla Hi guys What is your horses name?
Mines name is Rocky, my moms is Poco, my dads is Cutter and my sisters name is Ginger.
How about you?

message 2: by Christie (last edited Jun 02, 2008 09:16AM) (new)

Christie Bogle (qryste) Mine is Sangria. 13 yo TB/Appy Gelding. Welcome to the group (sorry it's so quiet).


message 3: by Jenn (new)

Jenn (jenn_reed) Phantom

message 4: by Carmela (new)

Carmela (heyohitscarm) If i had a horse it would be BlueJay

message 5: by icecheeks411 (new)

icecheeks411 My little paint is Jebadiah

message 6: by Erin (new)

Erin | 8 comments My good horse who is an ex racing thoroughbred is Topaz, he came with Browser; our young horse who also an ex racing thoroughbred is Cuts Like a Knife or Cutter, we kept the racing name; and my little old welsh pony is Speedy Gonzales or Speedy and yes he really does live up to the name!

message 7: by Brittney (new)

Brittney (brittney_joy) | 3 comments My paint mare is Stella and my Friesian Cross is Cheli. I have some pics of them both on my website. :)


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