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Miss Soszynski What are you thinking about studying this book this term?
be honest, be detailed. What do you think the book will be like? Do you think you will enjoy it.

50 words in length.

JAMDIZZLE(Y) uhmmmm i think i might enjoy the book but dont want to really study it. i think it could be goood and i am really getting into it missss, i think the book is going to bee pree good and enjoyable, how long is this going to take miss? BYEE!!!

Eejay i think at the start of the book is boring like most books. but where i was up to and what you you told me about the 1st part sound more interesting then the start. the book sounds cool coz when he blacksout he changes place and at the party josh and melanie hooks up thats kinda hot.. :P

message 4: by Jake (new)

Jake Gordon :) i have only read the start of the boook, and i didnt find it that interesting. im not a big fan of reading and i do not enjoy it. but discussing this boook in classs it doesnt sound that bad. i think i may enjoy it but there is not a very good chance.

message 5: by Brett (new)

Brett smith well i think this book will be very good because i read chapter 1 and it was really interesting. i think it will be a good book to study because its not a boring book.

message 6: by Husaam (last edited Apr 20, 2010 07:10PM) (new)

Husaam Zgheib this book takes your imagination to the real life it feels like you are part of the book sometimes.This book is good and it is worth reading.I so far like this book and wish to pass this to everyone i know.So far i like this book even though i have not read it all.thank you for your coopertaion.

message 7: by Zachary (new) - added it

Zachary so far the book is good i am up to chapter 8 and i think that it has only started to get good but ive heard that it gets better in part 3 so hopefully i will get up to it by next friday cheerio off i go ciao Volim Te

message 8: by Jaya (new) - added it

Jaya Kumar I think that this book is pretty good. I think that the book was a bit confusing at first but it's a lot more understanding now. I think that i will enjoy this book because it seems really interesting and im not that far into it. I just want to finish the book already and see what happens at the end:)

message 9: by Mitchell (new)

Mitchell i think studiying this book would be dull and boring. i think the book is going to be really boring to read because i hate reading and im not into books as i dont like reading. The start of the book is stupid and confusing and i dont know what is happening.

message 10: by Eddie (new) - added it

Eddie i think at the start of the book is boring like all books, but when i read the 1st part it sounded more interesting then the start. the book sounds cool because when he blacksout he changes inbetween both worlds. (real world and doppelganger world.)

message 11: by Baudena (new) - added it

Baudena lamikeh I think it is going to be very interesting, i think as you read the book, there will more excitment! also unexpecting happenings. i think i will enjoy this book very very very much ! i think a lot of mysterious things will happen. this is a great book to read. Also discussing this book in class would help me understand it more.

message 12: by RONIKAH (new)

RONIKAH (: im thinking this book is going to be exciting!
because doppelgangers are awesome. (:
i think this book is also going to be very interesting and yeah.. but i also think this book has too many METAPHORES!!!! it hurts my brain (sort of)
i have better understanding in this book because we're talking about it discussing it as a class (:

izaja mandem I reckon this book sounds pretty interesting. I have only read the start of it and I enjoyed most of it. Its kind of thrilling and makes you want to keep reading more and more of it, because its exciting.

message 14: by sean (new)

sean krings the prologue and what i have read up to in part 1 is pretty boring so far but it sounds like it is going to get more interesting. i am happy to read this book but i dont really wont to study it. it sucks that its not set in melbourne.

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