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Samantha I had this question I kept asking myself throughout the novel and I wanted to see what you guys thought. So, these aliens invade these bodies and erase the other person in it so they can make the world a "better place" supposedly. But if they're getting rid of the people in the body, who are they making the world better for? Just themselves, the aliens who don't even really belong there. Why don't they just make their own planet where they could survive without a body?

Sarah I thought about the same thing while reading this. The aliens were in a sense killing their host's sense of being which was llike murder yet they didn't like that humans were violent. I kind of had a problem with the fact that they implanted someone else with Wanda at the end. They had no right to be there in the first place.

Sally Platt I kind of had a sense that it was happening and there was nothing I could do, so it wasn't that big of a problem for me. I guess I accepted the idea, although it was really strange. I thought all along that they would implant her into someone else, because they needed and loved her so much. I thought at first they would implant her into Jody's body because she wasn't waking up. Anyway, I guess if the aliens didn't do what they did, we wouldn't have a novel!

Rachel I think that you have to look at it metaphorically. I think Stephanie Meyer is talking about group mentality vs individuals. As a groups (religious, governemnt, etc.) people within the group consider whatever the actions of that group are to be right. The aliens thought what they were doing was okay because they human race was bad as a whole. It is only when individuals from the alien group get to know and understand the humans that they realize what they are doing is wrong. I think there is a message of learning to love those that we think of as our enemies. If we got to know each other as individuals we would find common ground and would no longer be enemies. As for Wanda being implanted at the end, they were making the best of an imperfect situation. The alien in the girls body had already erased her individuality. So when they removed the alien from that body it became and empty vessel. No one was killed or destroyed, the other alien was just sent to another place. Wanda would never have accepted being in a host who was still there, but the damage was already done. I really enjoyed the ideas that were being communicated in this book.

Bonnie I got the idea that the aliens weren't making the world a better place for the people living there, but that they felt humans didn't appreciate the world and lives they had been given. They felt justified in taking the bodies and the world, because they thought they could appreciate it more than human beings could.

And I was also worried they would implant Wanda in Jodi. Of course, that would be more of the same situation. I'm glad that Wanda got to stick around, but it felt like this book had a few too many endings.

Nikki If they can't live without a host, anyone wonder how they came to exist anyway? Overall I think this was an interesting read if you don't think too much about how the hosts began and why they don't just stay on one planet [or make their own].

April Their motivation wasn't to make Earth a better place, they just need a host to survive. Even on the Origin they have hosts. I think they just felt more like they were doing earth a favor rather than killing the humans. Survival is the strongest instinct - they were just doing what they felt they had to.

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I just think the whole thing was wierd. to be honest. I did love the setting's though, I could totally imagine myself there. But the plot was totally wierd. Jared was just cruel, he hated Wanda, but he only liked her because Melanie was in there. Which was really stupid, and mean. No offense to anyone.

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Marisa Ok. I know this may be a stupid question but wouldn't the souls all be vegatarians? If they hate violence who would be the one to raise the animals and kill them? If they knew that they were real animals that had a life do you think they would eat them? I had that question stuck in my head the whole book. lol.

Campanile The aliens took on a variety of life forms depending on the planet. So even vegetarianism would have in a sense been problematic.

You have hit on the big flaw in the "common good" thinking, which is what made this book riveting for me. The aliens were totally blind to their own brand of violence.

Keara I agree with Eileen (message 10). The Aliens were COMPLETELY oblivious to their own violence and were only thinking about what the Humans were doing. Which I guess the Aliens thought that that justified erasing the Humans existence (other than their bodies, I mean).

Other than that, I enjoyed the book rather well. I give it 4 stars.

Lori I totally agree with Rachel on the group vs individual mentality. I also felt that the aliens, especially after they inhabited the spider planet, truly felt that humans didn't deserve the life and planet they were so carelessly taking for granted and destroying. They felt it was just a matter of time before the entire race was wiped out by what they viewed as a violent, wasteful and barbaric society. It seemed like each time the aliens were inserted in a host, they took on some of the traits and philosophies of that particular species. The spiders were brilliant and arrogant and they are the race that taught the aliens everything they needed to know to colonize earth. The didn't consider humans as individuals because they had never encountered a race like ours before. I felt that the end gave hope that there would eventually be a coming together of both races and that both had a lot to learn from each other. The fact that any of the humans who had lost loved ones to the aliens could put that aside and embrace the aliens and even love them, was a very powerful message. I really hope this does become a movie and that it's well done. The metaphors run deep in this story. Hopefully that will be evident in the screen play.

Campanile My favorite scene is a metaphor of the coming together that you mention, Lori. The setting is a playground. Two hosted humans, are there with their human child, interacting with love and joy. This would be a powerful ending to the movie.

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Asia I think that problem only comes up when you think about it as a human... we focus on the individual and needs of the individual. The "souls" only think as a society. They come to earth to create a peaceful society - to fix what is there. It doesn't matter so much that the humans are gone, but that the planet earth is now a peaceful place. At least that's how I see it.

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Brigid ✩ I think it was intended to be ironic that the souls were taking over the human bodies to make the world "a better place". I don't think the reader is supposed to totally support what the souls are doing, but we're supposed to be able to see from both points of view. At the end, though, I think Meyer provided a sense of hope that souls and humans could live together more peacefully, with neither species completely taking over the other one.
Wow. So I don't think I'm really making any sense right now, but I tried...

Stevie I also think that really the souls idea of violence was more focused on the species as a whole than ours...the main problem the souls seemed to have against humans was that they were able to hurt each other. Because harming another of there own species was not a part of the souls character or experiences they just couldn't see why humans would willingly do such things and saw it as awful and barbaric. As for Wanda being put into another host I think that was explained by Melanie after she woke up...Melanie says something like "we're human and we're selfish so you're just going to have to deal with it" in order to show that even those we love are not perfect.

Khadija i would think that they did what they did and invaded planet Earth, because souls are such gentle non-violent creatures who love peace and are determined to right worlds that contain violence, murder, etc.... so, they just had an impulse to do the same for planet earth, because they thought by doing so, they would benefit the humans.....well...that's my theory

Khadija ...but i'm glad the "aliens" did that..especially choosing planet Earth...u gotta admit...they've got taste!!

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Brigid ✩ lol. XD

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