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Otis Chandler | 4184 comments Mod
We get a lot of repeat suggestions here, which we really don't mind because the more suggestions we get for a feature the more we know how much you all want it.

This is a standing thread to share what is high on our todo list, and what has been recently launched.

The Todo List
- A faster site. With all the growth this is top priority!
- Better Facebook integration
- Recommendations on iOS
- Mobile optimized website
- Ability to like more things from the homepage
- Improved Q&A for authors
- Video interviews with authors
- Members with similar books to me
- Improved ad targeting for authors
- Customizable book pages for authors
- Author pseudonyms
- Internationalization

To mention support for a feature listed or a feature not on the list, please click on "view thread" if there is already an official thread, or do a search to find any previous conversations, or start a new thread.

* note: this list is only a fraction of the actual list as many items are too technical or boring to bother you all with

Recently Added
- Messages/inbox and friend requests on Android
- Iphone app redesign, easier to fine many features - such as the barcode scanner
- Facebook Timeline integration
- Facebook Connect for iPhone and Android
- Book recommendations
- Android App
- Nook App
- Improved book discussion tab on homepage
- genre pages
- Homepage notification queue
- Barcode scanner for the iPhone app
- Add groups to the iPhone app
- Improved UI around the my books page: custom columns, more flexible ordering, easier to order to-read shelf, and more ((view thread)
- New releases email
- Friend suggestions
- New book page design
- Improved search. We are now using a relevancy search algorithm.
- An ereader in the iphone app.
- Book series
- Add an easier way to to add a status update from the homepage
- Add support to status updates for ebooks/audiobooks and other variable page formats
- New customizable widget (view thread)
- New way of posting to Facebook and Twitter (view thread)
- Ability to customize your ebook links and rate your favorite ereaders
- Browse based epub reader
- The Official Goodreads iPhone App! (view thread)
- Quizzes!
- One free bookswap book for every 10 sent (view thread)
- Cleaned up ability to fan an author (view thread)
- Better integration of owned books into the my books page
- ability to view the intersection of two shelves
- Goodreads bookswap!
- New friends page (view thread)

For more recently completed features, check out the 2008/2009 thread.

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