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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Mackay | 2 comments Hi all, in case you are having information retrieval withdrawal symptoms (ha ha) I came across a fun book the brings digital IR into the popular realm. It's called Everything is Miscellaneous: the power of the new digial disorder by David Weinberger. $15 on Amazon. It's fun and easy, kind of like Morville but with more examples. - Nancy

message 2: by Michael (last edited May 31, 2008 11:15AM) (new)

Michael Mendenhall (investigativehistorian) | 1 comments Thanks for mentioning that book. I get a kick out of reading Amazon reviews. I went to the 1 star reviews first, and a couple of them were hilarious. None of them talked me out of buying the book. I prefer the long 5 star reviews because they actually make sense. I think I might write a book someday all about Amazon reviews. I think it is kind of a dead giveaway when someone writes a 5 star review of a book and uses the author's first name in the review. Can anyone say "friend" or "family"? When I reviewed your book, Nancy, I never used your name at least not your first name. That would have been kind of obvious. I have dutifully put the book in my Amazon cart for my next round of purchases.


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