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message 1: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) This is where you RP your charries for ThunderClan. Good luck!

message 2: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Silverstar stretched and trotted to the middle of the camp to Highrock.
"All cats..."

message 3: by Leah (new)

 Leah *fallenleaf comes out and sits beside angeltail who sits near the nursery and blackflower sits near her.*

message 4: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Silverstar awaited her deputy and Hazelpaw.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Thunderheart sat down in front of the rock, a puzzled look on his face

message 6: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Hazelpaw has reached full potential in her warrior training. Hazelpaw, do agre to protect your clanmates and abide by the warrior code even if it may cost you your life?" Silverstar announced, facing the she-cat.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) ((really I didn't know that!))
"I do" hazlepaw meowed, her voice steady

message 8: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Then I, Silverstar, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this appentice. From this moment on you will be know as Hazelcloud. ThunderClan honors your excitement and honesty." Silverstar put her head on top of Hazelcloud's and then removed it.
"We welcome you as a full warrior to ThunderClan."

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) "hazlecloud, hazlecloud!" jaypaw yowled

message 10: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) The resst of the clan joined in and then broke away. Silverstar walked back to her den.
Cardinalsun found Jaypaw.

message 11: by Leah (new)

 Leah angeltail with blackflower went back in the nursery. and fallenleaf went to hunt alone

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) "hi cardinalsun" jaypaw meowed

message 13: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Wildpaw followed Fallenleaf because dhe was his mentor.

"Jaypaw. What will we do today, its so nice?" Cardinalsun shook his pelt free of brambles.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) "battle training?" she asked

message 15: by Leah (new)

 Leah fallenleaf was joined by wildpaw and they went hunting on the border of windclan

message 16: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Sure." Cardinalsun soared through the trees and found the training hollow.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Jaypaw followed loyally

message 18: by Leah (new)

 Leah fallenleaf and wildpaw returned to camp with 2 rabbits

message 19: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) ((youy cant rp someone elses character. its ok though, this time around...))

Wildpaw dropped the rabbit and walked over to Goldenrod to see her 3 kits.

message 20: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) ((hihi))

Cardinalsun waited for his apprentice.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Jaypaw seated herself in front of cardinalsun

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Jaypaw seated herself in front of cardinalsun

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Jaypaw seated herself in front of cardinalsun

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) "what are we doing today?" she asked ever se sweetly

message 25: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Battle training."

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) "cool" she followed

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Jaypaw tried thinking of the battle training she already knew, she sharpened her claws

message 28: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Cardinalsun nodded and pounced forward, landing on a squirrel and burrying it.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Jaypaw cocked her head, "I thought we were battle training, not hunting" she meowed

message 30: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Never waste a good peice of prey." He pointed out as he manouvered his way to the training hollow.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) "true" she meowed stepping in behind him

message 32: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Cardinalsun wasted no time. He jumped over Jaypaw and tripped her over.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) "hey!" she ran ahead angrily

message 34: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) "You have got to be quick and stealth." He smirked.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) (hi!!))
jaypaw walked into the battle training and pounced on cardinalsun

message 36: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Cardinalsun flung his apprentice of his pack and pounced on her lightly, swiftly pawing at her flank.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) jaypaw growled and swatted at her mentor

message 38: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Faster!" Cardinalsun growled, jumping up and kinking her apprentice away.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) Jaypaw hissed and slithered out from under her mentor, and pounced on his/her shoulders ((i forgot))

message 40: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) ((his))

Cardinalsun grwloeed and jumped high, landing on his apprentice and pawing at her head.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) ((kk))
jaypwa kicked her mentor, but was too weak

message 42: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Cardinalsun felt nothing.
"What is wrong with you?! You aught to be a medicne cat!"

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) jaypaw growled, "my legs are weak, im not very dtrong, but im flexible! can you help me with that?" her eyes went from angry to hopeful

message 44: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I guess." He mumbled.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) she purred, "thank you, are you ok? you seem grumpy!" her blue eyes were honest and wide

message 46: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) "No. You just need more practice." He groaned.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) jaypaw snorted, "what does that have to do with you being grummpy? what do i do now?" she asked, streching

message 48: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Cardinalsun rolloed his eyes and snorted. He charged at Jaypaw and tripped her.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) jaypaw side steped, and pounced on her mentors shoulders, collapsing him

message 50: by Shayla (new)

Shayla (shaylaalexander) Cardinalsun rolled over and clawed at Jaypaw's side, claws sheather.

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