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My name is Lauren Handlile and I go to a public school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Of course, the way you know it is all the famous people in our history such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and so on. Really, it's not all like that. We eat Philly-Cheese-Steaks almost everyday! Anyways, I have three brothers and one baby sister. Also, I am the lucky middle child. One thing that I have always wished for is a pet dog, specifically a golden retriever named Lalley.

Describe me. Ah? That's a toughy! Well, simplicities is I have brownish blondish hairs, lucky blue eyes, average height, and my right foot is slightly smaller than the other. (the doctor says it's normal) If you're wondering about classmates, bff's, and boyfriends, I have 30 classmates: 4 maybe 5 are called the "Clique," I have two bff's named Marcie and Ellie, and I have no boyfriend. (hopefully I will soon! I'm working on it!)


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