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"A Sound of Thunder" by Bradbury

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message 1: by Lucyliu (new)

Lucyliu | 4 comments A #1. in the article " A Sound of Thunder," it is about a group of people went to hunt by a time machine which can bring them back to dinorsour period; the leader told them not to step out of the path, but Eckels violate his rule which lead to a different future.
A #2. i would like to travel back to my junior time when i was just 14 years old. Because in my junior high school life, i was lazy to study, i got really bad grades during that time.My parents told me that they will send me abroad to study; therefore, i didn't pay attention on the school work. Unfortunately, some problems appeared that i cant studied abroad, and i still have to take the standardized test to go to an ideal high school. Due to my laziess and arrogance, i didn't go to a good high school. If i could go back to that period of time, i will study hard even if i knew that i will study abroad, and go to a better high school to receive a better education.

A #3. i think i have an answer. if i leave the path in my life, for example, my parents set my future to study abroad and master my English ability. If i didn't agree and obey to my parents and didn't study abroad, my future will change extremely. Although my parents want me to go to USA; however, they are really worried about my circumstances. My mom cant sleep well because she was worried about my safety. My dad also worried about my performance in school. Therefore, if i leave my path, my parents will probably live in a better life without worrying about me staying oversea independently. I think my action might impact and destroy my future because if i stay in Taiwan, i won't get higher education. i may not have the motivation to learn how to cook and manage my spense. i may not learn how to deal with situations and how to be independent. If i leave the path which is stuying abroad, i might be taken care by parents until i graduate from univerisity. i cant learn what i supposed to learn in the US. For the future, i will be less successful and experienced.so i think, if i leave my path, the situation will not be better; in contrast, it will be much more different than now.

message 2: by Fiamma (new)

Fiamma Ovai | 4 comments Question 1. Its about a group of people that traveled back in time, one of them broke the rule and when they got back everything had changed.

Question 2. If i could travel back in time i will travel back to the time where i was not yet born. I will change my sex from female to male. I know that it sounds stupid but, through out my life i have noticed that people treat boys better than girls. I do not know why, but i think it happens everywhere. If i make did change i it will change my future because i will be treated differently and i will be very special because i will be the only male child in my family. And women will love me because i will be very handsome and i will have control over women, my big sisters do not have to bully me anymore.

Question 3. My goal in life is to be a medical doctor, but when i tell people, they are always like good luck in the scenes that it is very difficult or it is a long time in school. If one day i decide to leave this part, it is going be very bad because although it has to do with study study study and many years in school, the end point is worth the reading and the years in school. I will be highly respected by the society and my pay each month, oh my God believe me you do not even want to know. i am talking about good money. If i leave the part others will be affected because i may know someone that wants to do medicine and i may discourage the person, that it is to hard and the years in school are to much, the person may believe me and then go and tell another person, and that other person believes and tells another person, there will be serious trouble because the doctors we have will be very few and ill people will be dieing everyday. If i leave my path it is going to affect my future because i will lose the huge amount of money i was to be paid and who knows, my other pay may not be up to what i would have earned.

message 3: by Tim (new)

Tim goi | 4 comments Question 1: If someone broke the rules which already settle before, everything will be different and changing.

Question 2: If I have chanced travel back to any period of time, I would do it. For this reason, I want to experince and have a look for the period of time. For exmaple, I want back to the period time when my parents are young, and I want to be their friends. Therefore, I can know more about my parents feeling, thinking and more. Also, I want know about the progress how my parents got married. I would want to change my grandparents mind, so my mother dont have to work so hard to earn more money for the family and get sick. This change would positively affect my parents future because my parents will not get sick badly right now.

Question 3: I think when I leave the "path" in my life, everything will be different. I have dream to become a pilot because I very like airplane fly in the sky, so I can feel the feeling of freedom. However, I didn’t study hard when I was in secondary school and ghastly sense of English knowledge. Therefore, I noticed that my dream will not come true. For example, if I have aimed the target learning English since I was young. Therefore, I will not worry about future, also many jobs are available for me too, and my dream will come true. I think my actions will affect other because this will give them the example or warning to affect them. In addition, my actions definitely will impact the future in any way. For this reason, when I was young and study hard, so I don’t have to waste my time to study English language right now. Also, many job it will be suitable and available for me. As a result, it is better and will impact my future in any ways.

message 4: by Lucynguyen (new)

Lucynguyen | 4 comments Q#1: A scientist fiction story about traveling back to the past at the dinosaurs' time.
Q#2: if i could travel back to any period of time, i would do it. Because i can to change something that might make me happier than now. I would change to not come here. i would change to live a happy in Viet Nam with my family and my aunt. If i live in Viet Nam, i could study the major that i like and hang out with my lovely friends and do whatever i want to do. the important thing is that i can live close to the people that i love.
Q#3: what happen when i leave my path. well that is also my question too. I always think of two ways to lead my direction to the future. when i step my feet out of my "path", i'm sure that my decision will affect others. once i step out of my path, i parents will be very disappointed and unhappy about me. They expect me a lot and they always want me to have a better live than they do. With me, if i change my direction to the future, i may have a difficult life ahead waiting for me. I may struggle with my finance or my living matter.i also will make people around me get upset or even mad at me though my decision doesn't matter with them. they just want me to live the good life.on the other hand, i can live happily with the change. i can live closer to the people that i love. I can take care of them when they need my help. i can also tell them what i feel and what i want to do, they may give me the best advise ever.even now, i'm still thinking about it. i still don't know what should i do. i wonder that if i choose what i want, is that a selfish and unfair with people who give all their desire to me?????? Big question!!!!!!

message 5: by Ngan (last edited Apr 16, 2010 11:18AM) (new)

Ngan | 4 comments Question 1:
A minor mistake may cause unpredictable outcome.

Question 2:
If I could travel back to any period of time, I would agree to do so. Because I'm always wondering about the past time that human being went through. How did the planet use to be? How was the river? How was the forest? And how was the mountain? Long time ago, humankind seemed to be closer to natural environment and living upon the river, the forest, and the mountain for food, for house, and for pleasure. I want to turn back the time to see how it is like because I do not have any chance to get that now. I would change one thing is to maintain dinosaur species which are not interested in killing but eating plant. Therefore, that kind of animal is still existing and people stop being so curious about it.

Question 3:
The path in out life is like a the safest way we make up to reach for our goals. The goals in our lives are usually the things that we call happiness, glory, and wealth. Therefore, the path is a way, and it may be the right way we have to keep following if we want to achieve our goals. Staying in a path sounds not too difficult, but it really is when we have to face with the scare, enchantment, or impatience. If the goal is just for ourselves, it may impact to us. However, if it is the goal for a group of people, it may impact more than we expect. For example, if I were a sales manager in the company, and my goal was to increase the sale rate of some certain products. Obviously,I could not carry this all by myself, but I needed to work as a group. Thus, I had to set up a way, or a strategy for my company members to keep going to achieve the success. Therefore, the path that I made up make everyone follow neatly. Reversely, if there was some one running of the path, the process of work would slow down, there will be a gap of duty that takes time for replacement. As a result, this would impact to the whole sale plant and even cause the damage to the company's budget. The company might lose profit then, company employees would not have neither promotion nor salary raising. We haven't counted for the problem the the company may face with such as competitors, reputation, sale processing, and etc. Therefore, the path is also a guideline, a reminder, and a standard ask people to follow. Any nation or any government, they do need a path to rule and to manage everything in its order. Staying in the path make things better because they were well-planned and considered.

message 6: by Juliet (new)

Juliet | 3 comments 1 Some scientists and tourists got a chance to travel to the dinosaur time, but the one of them broke the rules that you can't kill anything,and it caused a disaster.
2 If I can travel back to any period of time, I would choose to stop at the period of my parents had not got me yet. Cause I have seen them for over 20 years, I know what they look, how do they talk, what do they think and what are their daily hoppies. However, I will never ever know what happen to them, and what their lives looked like before they got me.AT tjhat time, they might totally two differnt people.
3 I think everyone's path in their lives are not comfirmed. You think you have got a very good plan for yourself and you think you will be happy to follow it, sometime it is not. Lives are full of changes. It will not going well one hundred persent like what you plan for yourself. You would better to make yourself to suit it not make a stict path. That will make you easy to satisfy yourself. If my path is changed, I will try my best to change all the people around me help me to built a better new path.I am sure my action will impact a lot of things. Because I am going to try my best to get all I want to help myself to be sucsessful. People should be able to face these kinds of situations. LIves are not like the words which ware ritten on the woods, never will be changed. Livesa are combine by all the things related to human beings. Human beings are easy to change their minds and make changes. It's one of the elements in our blood. Sometime we can not help oueselves to be changed. Even we can control ourselves, we can not control other people. If we can not control the changes ,at least we can make ourselves to adopt it. That could make ue to be alive and happy.

message 7: by HyVee (new)

HyVee | 4 comments 1. The story describes about the adventure of a group came back the past by time machine.

2. If I could travel back to any period of time, I would do it. Because I have given many wrong decisions in my life, I would like to come back to change it. For example, making decision to come to the United States has changed too much in my life. If I did not come to America, I would have a normal life as everyone. I would not have any presure in my studying. However, I am in America now, so I have to try my best in studying because everyone in my family in Vietnam have a lot of expectation in me.

3. If I left the path in my life, many things would be changed and had influenced to many people arround me. I am an oldest child in my family as well as an oldest girl in my mother side's family; therefore, I have duty to take care of them, especially in eduation. Besides that, everyone has many expectations in my, if I left my path, it would make them so disappointed. That would affect too much to them. Also, I and my sister will be on the same path, we will study in the same major and work together after graduating. Therefore, if I left her alone, she could not handle it by herself. If it happened to me, I think it would not better. However, I believe that I wont changed my path in my life.

message 8: by Wookyung (new)

Wookyung | 4 comments Question #1: Eckels participates in a trip which is for the past, he comes back to the present in the fear of the background and he finds that the present world is changed by dead butterfly in the past.

Question #2: I want to travel back to the past period but I don't expect any changes of the present world I live in. I just want to recover the past. Like the movie, maybe the present would be changed a little from a small thing even though the change is not important to some people. I think that the movie descrives the situation eccessively. However if it is a good person not a butterfly who is so helpful to the world, the result of such change is so meaningful to the time and people. If thinking the opposite(like notorious criminal's case)the result is maybe good. So maybe this change can sometime be posive to me.

Question #3: If now I leave the "path" in my life, I assume that my way will affect my family and my boyfriend. One's life is not just a life but it has a connection with others including family, friends and other surroundins. I am planing to marry my boyfriend someday near future. If I change my mind and stick to living alone, my family as well as he would be surprised at my decision. This situation may be just a small case. Also, I have to be responsoble for the decision and result. Probably leaving the "path" is positive to me but most people including me don't want it and are afraid of such impact. Even though I want to start many things again or newly, my surroundings and my mind can't make the decision strongly. I am not sure that I will be unhappy in the situation but I would be thinking things out of my decision. In fact, I like an adventrue. However I have no confidence for the way and I also cannot be certain my purpose. I cannot guess that but I think that the adventure is worth of trying for the good purpose and the result.

message 9: by Julie (new)

Julie | 4 comments Q #1: There are five men who come back to the past through a machine for hunting dinorsaurs, and one of them breaks their rules, so he changes the history.
Q #2: If i could travel back to any period of time, i would like to do it. This is a trip that help me to come back to the past. Thus, i think it is very interesting when i can see a real life in the past. The real pictures that already existed. I do not think i will change anything if i can come back to the past. Even through i made a lot of mistake in the past, i do not think it is a good way to change it. It might affect my life now, and it possibly affects people who are around me. Especially, some people who i love are sastified with what they have now. I do not want to change their life just because of my change for my life. Also, it might positively affect my future in some cases, but it does not mean that my life would be better in any cases.
Q #3: I think when i leave the "path" in my life, it will make changing that affects not only me but also people around me. It may change others' lives even mine. Everything in life has connections, so it will change others when a thing changes. Events are logical together. Thus, there are positive or negative effects follow a change. If i leave my "path", my actions will affect others or change the future in either sides. It can impact or even destroy the future in any way. It is hard to know what will happen in the future if i change an event in my life. However, i am sure everything that is germane to me will be impacted. My actions can lead either good events or terrible changes in the future. Anyway, it will change anything after i change my past events.

message 10: by Samrurng (new)

Samrurng | 4 comments Question# 1: Eckele with his people who travelled to hunt animals such as dinosauor in a safari in a prehistoric time was killed by one of his people with the gun of which a sound likes a sound of thunder.

Question# 2: Yes. If I had had such a chance to travel back to prehistoric time, I would take the chance because I might change the things I need to change in a positive way. One thing I would like to shift is not to do the thing which lower my brain's ability. In this point, the need occurs in my mind because it concerns my past. In the past, when I was a 18-22 years old guy, I drank alcoho a lot; for this reason,when I currently study English, my brain is so slow to think about my learning. For example, when I read a passage in English, I actually read slowly. Therefore, I assume that a caues which makes me like that is alcoho effects.However, nowadays I do not drink such a drink; therefore, this behavior might help me to be good at learning English in the future.

Question# 3: If I leave the path in my life, my family will be sad, and my future will also not reach the goal I have. One thing about this case is that my family is so happy when I come to the United Stated to further my education, and also I aim at completing a doctoral degree in this country. Thus, thos things are my path.However, if I leave my path, that means that I hurt my family's feeling. Moreover, I destrou my important goal.

message 11: by Carnot (new)

Carnot Frederic | 5 comments Question 1: In the article " A sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury, the author points out the story of a group of men who wanted to go back to the past for hunting one of the wildest animal we had ever had in the world which is the tyrannosaurus.

Question 2: This is a really great question because i've been thinking about that all my life. I think that if i have the opportunity to go back in the past, it's gonna be just for seeing myself when i was a child not for trying to change my life or to delete all of the mistakes that i did. I have always wanted to change almost everything, but not anymore due to the fact that i know now that all of the mistakes that i did in the past make me the person that i am now, not quite perfect but enough. Therefore, if i have this opportunity i will go back just for looking at myself, just to know more about the past of my family for example. no way, i think that i'm gonna change something. Seriously, i will inform my father that the 1st may of 1990 i will be a victim of a sad medical accident and be paralyzed during almost all my childhood. so he should not bring me to this hospital.

Question 3: yes, i think so. how? just due to the fact that we are all connected to each other. everything that i do gonna have a reflection to all of the person who share my life from near and far, from the inside as the outside. and therefore, all of the people who share my life are going to change the life of their peers. life is connected. To illustrate, if i had not succeeded very well in high school, due to the fact that my GPA was supposed to determinate the country where my parent would send me. if i was not here in this country. therefore, i wouldn't introduce my friend rick to his actual fiancee sylvie. their lives would be completely different.

message 12: by Alaa (new)

Alaa | 4 comments Question 1: A coward man went back in a time safari to the age of Dinasores to hunt these monsters and came back regretting.
Question 2: Usually, we, people, human beings in our nature regret some actions we did and some decision we took. The reason for that might be because we don’t know what the future is or if we chose the right thing to fit with the coming events. However, in my opinion, if I could go back to a certain period of time, yes I would do it but I will not change my path because I already know about the things that would expose to me so I can face it in a better way. Perhaps, the things I would change is just my temper in some situations, my attitude , my way of handling problems and dilemma and I might change some decisions I took in the past time and chose a better choices that I’m sure it will be positive change for my future at so small frame of my life. Generally I won’t change my major (for example), I will play in a minor changes only.
Question 3: if we leave the path in our lives by our choice things could go wrong and against what we want. For example, if we stop studying and follow bad habits and become addicted to some kind of drugs, this will affect our career and our future. Therefore it will affect our family, our relatives and make them sorry for us. Also, we could hurt those people who care about us by purpose or spontaneous. Moreover, it could end our lives that are why it is all about our choices because no one can make us do something we don’t want it. In the other hand , if we get out of the path because some kind of crossing events we can do nothing for that because it follow the part of faith, and our job is to face it and handle it in the best way so we can even make better or worse.

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