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message 1: by Keely (new)

Keely (keelz95) | 278 comments Okay so pick your favourite spy, theive and murderous teen from a book and post it.
mine goes like this
Spy- Cammie MOrgan (andd all the GG girls)
Theive- KAT AND HALE WOOOO (heist society
Murderous Teens- The billings girls from the private series (seriously girls be careful who you put in your dorm)

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) Spy- dont have one
Thief- Hale & Katrina & Nicholas
Murderous Teen - 'A' of Pretty Little Liars series

message 3: by Keely (new)

Keely (keelz95) | 278 comments let me guess Kate Brain wrote Pretty Little LIars series?

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) no sara Shepard did actually you should read it itss sooooooo good like its actually so creepy

message 5: by Keely (new)

Keely (keelz95) | 278 comments okay i shall then... you gotta love them spies, thevies and murderous teens

message 6: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) haha agreed

message 7: by Keely (new)

Keely (keelz95) | 278 comments they make awwesome and interesting reading time.... DONT READ A BOOK CALLED GOOD GIRL CAUSE SHE AINT A GOOD GIRL and don't read boy toy if you on't wanna get grossed out

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) haha read boy toy already (last year) !!!!!! haha its actually vey disturbing

message 9: by Keely (new)

Keely (keelz95) | 278 comments i know... good girl aint as bad but it does have some sexual content in it and i borrowed the book and didn't see the note that says 'contains sexual content' until i read it lol

message 10: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) i dont like books like that ruins the whole thing *sigh* adult novels i can understand but seriouslyyyy YA

message 11: by Keely (new)

Keely (keelz95) | 278 comments I know what you mean... Twilight series and VA are some,

message 12: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) mmm VA wasn't so bad coze you no they cut you the most gruesome detail but the birth scene in Breaking dawn...the first time i read it i nearly threw up it was sooooo gross

message 13: by Keely (new)

Keely (keelz95) | 278 comments yea i didnn't throw up cause i had read the others before it and it didn't gross me

message 14: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) breaking dawn was grosss.

message 15: by Keely (new)

Keely (keelz95) | 278 comments Not really.... (maybe a bit but not much)
hmmmm wonder what the next heist society book is going to be about.... Hale and Kat beter get together

message 16: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  (lisao_0) IKR !!!!!! Hale and Kat NEED to be together ;P or i wont keep reading ;) well i would but it wouldn't be sofun

message 17: by Keely (new)

Keely (keelz95) | 278 comments Yea i know it probs wont be out till at least after december

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