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message 1: by Sherri (last edited Apr 15, 2010 04:31PM) (new)

Sherri (sherrij2003) | 428 comments Just thought I'd post a thread so we can all get to know each other. We all talk on here but I'm always curious who I'm talking too! Just you name, age, where you're from, if you're in school / what grade, job, fave Glee character, and some things about your self...


message 2: by Sherri (last edited Apr 15, 2010 04:32PM) (new)

Sherri (sherrij2003) | 428 comments NAME: Sherri
AGE: 25
SCHOOL?: Graduated with AA from college...need to go back
JOB?: Veterinary Technician
ANYTHING ELSE: I love going to theme parks, I live like 2 hrs south of Orlando

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments NAME: Rachel
AGE: 16
LOCATION: Massachusetts
SCHOOL?: I'm a junior at an all-girl high school
JOB?: Not yet, but I want one!
CHARACTER: Kurt, then Jesse
-I love musicals. They complete me.
-My favorites are Les Mis, Spring Awakening, Sweeney Todd, Tanz der Vampire, and Elisabeth
-I love that the Spring Awakening cast is slowing taking over Glee.
-I love Jon Groff, along with many, many other musical theatre actors.
-I'm a Harry Potter nerd.

message 4: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire NAME: Swifty
AGE: 1.5
SCHOOL: McKinley High
JOB: Taking over the world
CHARACTER: Suuueeeee
OTHER: I know more of the lyrics from Le Mis and Phantom of the Opera than I do of the top songs on iTunes. :P Go Glee!

message 5: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Okay, not my real age and school (I wish!)...

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments Ha ha, I don't even know what the top iTunes songs are. XD

message 7: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire I know, like, one of them. XD

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments I used to know them because the girl who drove me into school would always listen to pop music on the radio constantly, but I don't drive with her anymore, so I don't listen anymore. Oh well, I'm not missing much. ;)

Give me Spring Awakening/Next to Normal/Les Mis/Tanz der Vampire/just about any musical over [insert popular singer here:] anyday. XD

message 9: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 16, 2010 02:02PM) (new)

NAME: Emma
AGE: 13 (will be 14 in September)
LOCATION: Virginia (although will sadly be Tennessee by the end of this month)
SCHOOL?: Home-schooled.
JOB?: Baby-sitter.
CHARACTER: Hmm... Artie, Kurt, Rachel, Emma, Sue, Will, Mercades.
ANYTHING ELSE: I'm almost 14 and I'm finally 5ft! I was so excited when I was no longer 4ft anymore!! lol. I'm the oldest of 7 kids. I'm a memebr of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (or a Mormon, since thats shorter), and am proud of it!! I love Glee...

message 10: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) wrote: "I used to know them because the girl who drove me into school would always listen to pop music on the radio constantly, but I don't drive with her anymore, so I don't listen anymore. Oh well, I'm ..."

Yes!!! Guess what?!?! Okay, I'll tell you. In the summer, Wicked the musical's coming to Houston (or maybe Dallas, I forgot...) and my mom said we could go see it! I'm so excited cuz I'm obsessed with all the music in that musical, but I've never actually seen it!!! :D

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments Swiftfire, really?! That's awesome! I saw it in Providence for Christmas this year, and it was great! I hope you get to see Donna as Elphaba. Her "No Good Deed", which is my favorite song, is insanely instense and emotional. :D

I am looking forward to the theatre seasons near where I live. I might get to see Wicked again when it comes to Boston in September, and Providence is hosting South Pacific, In the Heights, Next to Normal, and West Side Story! I'm not sure if mom will bring me to Next to Normal again, though I really hope she does (the set and music rock, and the story is very powerful). And I've heard there is going to be a Les Mis tour that might come my way!!! And the Spring Awakening tour is going to continue, and might come to my local theatre!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't know until that theatre releases its season, though. I've been checking the site and my email (I'm on the mailing list) many, many times a day for the past month. Ugh, I need to know if it's coming! I want on-stage seats!!! And to top it all off, I might be seeing American Idiot (John Gallagher Jr. ♥) in June!

OK, rant over.

Welcome, Emma. :D Love the name. ;)

message 12: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire OMG lucky!!!!! I want to see all those musicals too!!! Oh, and I just saw the Phantom of the Opera a couple weeks ago, and it was awesome!!!!

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments Ahh, Phantom isn't coming my way, unfortunately. :P Oh well, I am competely psyched for all the shows coming up. I am going nuts waiting for that theatre to release its season. I sooooooo want to see Spring Awakening again!

[Insert not-so-nice word here:]! I just found out another one of my celebrity crushes is gay! This is the price one pays for crushing on musical theatre actors. :(

message 14: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Awww, sorry! :'(

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments Ha ha, I'm used to this, by now. It's still a bit disappointing. Oh well, I hope he gets a cute boyfriend once he's done touring. ;)

message 16: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Yup! I'm watching Glee again tonight cuz my mom hasn't seen it yet. (She's obsessed with it too. She just doesn't admit it. XD)

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments I'm proud to say that I'm made proud Gleeks out of my entire family. :D

message 18: by Swiftfire (last edited Apr 16, 2010 06:17PM) (new)

Swiftfire Hahahaa!!! My mom gets really excited whenever a song comes on and says, "I remember listening to this, back in the day!" Except for when they do a pop song (like the Kelly Clarkson one). Then she's like, "Umm... who writes this crap?" XD I love my mom.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments There was a Kelly Clarkson song?

My parents are the same way witht the older songs. XD

The only time I get really excited for a song is if it's musical-related.

message 20: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Yeah, My Life Would Suck Without You, remember? And yes, me too!! They should do another song from Wicked! :D

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments Oh, that's Kelly Clarkson's?

I'd rather a Spring Awakening song, as I think I've said many, many times. So many songs fit into high school stuff so well. "My Junk" is all about crushes. "Don't Do Sadness" is about depression. "Touch Me" is about...well, exactly what it sounds like it's about. Also, I would love to see Quinn sing "Mama Who Bore Me" to her mother. (Maybe, if I say this enough, the producers will think I'm actually hundreds of different people, and they'll decide to do it!) XD

message 22: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Yup!

Hahaha!! Yeah, they should totally do one

message 23: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 91 comments I love Gives You Hell :D

message 24: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Omg, Glee got that song stuck in my head for eternity,

message 25: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (sherrij2003) | 428 comments I met Tyson Ritter (the original singer of the song from All-American Rejects).

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Lucky Duck (sherri)!!!! Wait, so there's been two singers to AAR?? I didn't know that...

message 27: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (sherrij2003) | 428 comments Tyson is the lead singer of AAR. Rachel was the other one I was referring to.

message 28: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Sherri wrote: "I met Tyson Ritter (the original singer of the song from All-American Rejects)."

Ooooh! Lucky!

message 29: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 91 comments awesome! :)

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

name: ugh.... Claire....
Age: 12
Location: wet and rainy Michigan
School: Covington middle school.
Job: watching glee
Character: KURT and JESSE!
Loved wicked, it's one of the two musicals I've ever seen, besides the lion king.
Love the twilight series, but I'm not one of those crazy people, I hardly ever tell people I love the books.
I am doing a glee painting
I figured out I can gleeify my name! I can to my L as the hand thing.

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments Hey, Claire!

Wicked is a fun show. Did you see it on tour, or on Broadway?

If you can, try to take a picture of your painting and post it here so you can share it with all us fellow gLeeks. :)

message 32: by Swiftfire (new)


message 33: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Oh em gee it's youuu. :D

message 34: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Yaayyy!

message 35: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire I'm glad you *are*!

After spending the weekend with my cousin who dissed it every chance he got. XP

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

glee is awesome!!

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments Amber! HI! Welcome to the group. :)

TS3 was amazing in every way! :D I cried so hard. :')

Kurt and Sue rock so, so, so much! :D

message 38: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Me too!!! It's so fun to watch people get hurt!!!

message 39: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Meeep?

message 40: by Swiftfire (new)

Swiftfire Ooh, right! I just watch it whenever, lol! I'm taking a break from watching Lost online, so now I'm watching Pretty Little Liars (which really good except for TERRIBLE acting) and Make It Or Break It (which I actually like!).

message 41: by Warewolfgirl55 (new)

Warewolfgirl55 | 5 comments NAME: karlie
AGE: 13
LOCATION: michigan
SCHOOL?: rather not say
JOB?: nuthing offical
CHARACTER: puck/sunshine
at my school we dont have a glee club so i am starting one i cant sing but its nore for the kids who can sing,dance,play instrements,and anything tords the arts we dont have a lot of arts at our school

Rachel (aka. Kaiserin Sisi) (looney-lovegood) | 454 comments My school's chorus just got renamed. It's glee club now. I'm joining next Monday.

message 43: by Catie (new)

Catie  | 84 comments NAME: Cathryn Juliett G.(Last name isn't allowed to be revealed
AGE: 13
LOCATION: United States
SCHOOL?: Not awnsering
JOB?: Senior Youth Reporter for the Newspaper.
ANYTHING ELSE: I like singing. I got the lead in the musical last year. I went to Glee camp over the summer and met Lea Michele. I play the Sax and Bass Clarinet. I ADORE writing an acting. I love Twilight and Harry Potter. ADDICTED to ALL CAPS and the Parselmouths. I'm SUPER accident prone. I have CML. That's Lukemia. I can't spell. I love to write. I am a teeny bit over dramatic.

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

NAME: Lady Grey, aka YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE (jakay)
AGE: 14...
LOCATION: somewhere in Greyland, Grey City.
SCHOOL?:why yes.
JOB?: I OWN SLAVESS! hah jaykayyy
Justin Beiber can die in a hole...

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

I never liked him.XD XD

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)


message 47: by Claire (new)

Claire (Clairebear1789) | 6 comments -_-

message 48: by Claire (new)

Claire (Clairebear1789) | 6 comments MEE 2

message 49: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmascout) NAME: EMMAAA.
AGE: 14
LOCATION: Ontario, Canada
SCHOOL?: The educating kind.
JOB?: Eating food.
CHARACTER: Kurt or Sue.

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

KURT is the best! Love Sue, though. When ever I see those American Express commercials or whatever, with Sue, I like roll over with laughter!!!!! Especially the Limo Cat one!!!!!

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