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message 1: by Davecalloway (new)

Davecalloway | 1 comments Hi-
I read H.W. Brands' biography of Jackson ("His Life and Times") and found it very good. I noticed Cory picked Meacham's treatment of Jackson, "American Lion".

I'm surprised you didn't go with Brands, Cory, since he's a History Prof. at your Alma Mater. Or, maybe your just saving that book for later...

Corymjonesemail | 1 comments So nice to see you here. Did you really just call me out? I read Meacham b/c it was a gift. Also not wanting to seem incestous, I spread my wings a little... Keep the postings coming! ;)

message 3: by Peter (new)

Peter Sprunger (petes) | 4 comments I read Robert Remini's single volume version of his Prize winning 3 volume set and I highly recommend it. It was written very clearly, didn't drag, and I don't think it skimped on the details.

message 4: by Claire (new)

Claire McCully (claire_the_shieldmaiden) | 12 comments I'll give a second recommendation for H.W. Brand's book. I just finished it and it was very good-- nearly as good as his book on Benjamin Franklin.

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