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message 1: by Gary (new)

Gary | 400 comments Mod
take this trivia test. post your score,and be honest! I got a 95%!

good luck!


message 2: by John (new)

John Karr (karr) | 21 comments Cool site. I scored an abysmal 29%. I still enjoy his writing, though!

message 3: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (jazzman) Mine is a great score for a nine hole golfer, but a lousy one for a hemingway fan. . . 38% Yes, 38%.
I'm pretty sure I would have done considerably better had the questions been about the stories themselves rather that biographical etc.
At any rate my hats off to Gary

BTW, Here's a question that was on my Master's Comp. Exam. You had to know the answer before you could attempt the question as to why Hemingway dedicated his books to the following, one of which was James Hadley Nicanor.(I'm not sure of the spelling).
Good luck.

message 4: by Gary (new)

Gary | 400 comments Mod
James Hadley Nicanor

Ernest and Hadley first son, nicknamed Bumby.

message 6: by Gary (new)

Gary | 400 comments Mod
check out the website for lots of hemingway trivia!

message 7: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (jazzman) Gary,

I'm pretty sure James Hadley Nicanor was one of Hemingway's cats. I believe as a member of the Lost Generation his choice to dedicate a book to a cat may have been a kind of left handed salute(finger) to the establishment. At least that was the gist of my comp answer and I did pass. best.

message 8: by Gary (new)

Gary | 400 comments Mod
I looked it up online,and it said their son.....maybe you could research it too?? It's possible they named a cat that too, maybe?

message 9: by Gary (new)

Gary | 400 comments Mod
because he had all the cats after he and hadley divorced,and jack only spent summers with papa and pauline in key west.

message 10: by Brad (new)

Brad (judekyle) | 219 comments Mod
78% for me, Gary. A couple of those bizarre number ones really buggered me up.

message 11: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Zandri (vincentzandri) | 7 comments Scored 86%. Plenty good score, right papa?

message 12: by Steven (new)

Steven Harbin (stevenharbin) 29 %, I obviously need to be reading more about him and his work, but that's one of the reasons I joined this group :)

message 13: by Joseph (new)

Joseph (jazzman) Does anyone have any info on the real life character upon whom Hemingway based the character, Luz, in his classic "A Very Short Story." I'm guessing that the lovely thing who discarded the young Hemingway after she had been with an Italian officer(who can blame her!)may have been Agnes herself.I'm afraid all of us in our early lives have a lady who lets us know our brief interlude with them has been but a "boy and girl affair." If we're smart we learn quickly and go on to bigger and better things just like Papa.

message 14: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Zandri (vincentzandri) | 7 comments Joe, that story is most definitely based on Agnes. It surprises me that more people don't bring that piece up as the seedling for what become A Farewell to Arms. You have, smartly. The title is also tongue and cheek. Here's a bit of Agnes Von Kurowsky (sp?) trivia. She lived in the Keys for most of her life as a librarian. Papa had no idea how close she was to him for all those years. Wonder if had he known, he would have paid a visit...

message 15: by Gary (new)

Gary | 400 comments Mod
ohmigod, funny! wild! i am curious ,vincent, where you got your info?? they make a joke about agnes at the hemingway house in keywest, that's kinda funny, that i could share if you like. i wonder if they know about agnes living in the keys? might be something good to share, eh?

message 16: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Zandri (vincentzandri) | 7 comments I'm pretty sure it was Les's book about his big brother that came out in the 1960s that blew the lid on the "real woman" from A Farewell to Arms. And I'm also pretty sure the two met up in Key West of all places. I also know that Agnes lived for a time in New York City.

message 17: by Marcus (new)

Marcus (zzzmarcus) | 3 comments I, like Joseph, got a 38%, and that after reading the entire Wikipedia page on Hemingway, which is good, but didn't help much on this particular quiz. I'm fine with that though. Just means I have lots of good times with Hemingway ahead.

Gitte - Bookworm's Closet (gittetofte) Damn, this quiz is tough! It's out of my league!

message 19: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Zandri (vincentzandri) | 7 comments Don't be ashamed....I'm friends with Mia Hemingway, Papa's great granddaughter from his son Greg and I know more about the subject...:))))

message 20: by Gary (new)

Gary | 400 comments Mod
Ok, Vincent, going to embellish your story on being friends with Mia Hemingway for us?? I am sure our readers would love to hear more about you knowing her?

message 21: by Gary (new)

Gary | 400 comments Mod

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