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The story behind The Cowboy's Baby by Linda Ford

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I like writing about children in a romance, how they bring people together and make them face their fears and problems for the sake of the child or children. It was a theme I wanted to explore more fully. I decided to take a slightly different direction. What if the child was at risk somehow? I came up with lots of possibilities. What if the child was born out of wedlock and faced a life of shame because of that? What lengths would the unwed mother go to in order to protect her child from such a dreadful fate? I explored that idea in the first book of my current series, Dakota Child.

The Cowboy's Baby is the second book of this same series and in it I explore the question what if the father of the child has a dreadful reputation, an unsavory past? Would the foster mother fight such a man for custody? Of course, such questions don't make a story. They are only a starting place. I had to create a hero that fit this description. Would he be an outlaw? A drunkard? Could I make him both and still make him likeable? I believe I was able to do so. In fact, Colby Bloxham is a man I could fall in love with. (Okay, maybe I did just a little.) Then I had to create a heroine who would resist the hero without being whiney or petty. Anna Caldwell fit the requirements very nicely. She's the kind of woman many of us wish we could be. She handles challenging circumstances with a good deal of faith and courage. And she will fight for the things she believes in. One thing she believes is that the little girl she's had custody of since birth deserves a better father than Colby.

Then there was the child. Little Dorrie is sweet, yet at times naughty. She knows how to charm her way into a person's heart. She knows how to use her smile and her blue eyes to her advantage. I would gladly take this little one home and keep her. But she gets her own happy home by the end of the book.

I deal with other questions about children in the books that follow this. In Dakota Cowboy (release date July 2010), I explore what two people will do to protect a child who has witnessed a murder. In Dakota Father (release date Jan 2011) I look at the problem of a child who is orphaned and thrust into the care of her unmarried uncle. I originally named that book Not Married, Not Willing. The final book, as yet untitled and without a release date looks at the question what if a child seems to be neglected? Who would help and how?

I enjoyed writing this historical series set in the Dakotas in the 1800s. I hope you enjoy them as well. The Cowboy's Baby (Love Inspired Historical) by Linda Ford

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Jennifer (texasaggieteacher) | 434 comments I want to read this one! Loved all her books so far!

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Debbie | 10 comments Sounds like a good read!!!

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